Tuesday , January 26 2021

The three most popular immune boosters are vitamin C, D and fish oil Life

Jovita Juodsnukite, a pharmacist at Eurovaistinė, says that currently the most important vitamins for strengthening the immune system, memory and eyes are given less attention by customers. Vitamins C, D and fish oil are most often used to support immunity.

Their advantages are commented by the pharmacist:

Vitamins C. This is almost always a favorite customer. Vitamin C is available in various forms – syrup, capsules, tablets. All forms of vitamin C are well absorbed by the body, but the best – liquid forms, especially those that are liposomal. Long-acting capsules and vitamins are also very well absorbed, as they are gradually absorbed by the body, so it lasts longer.

Vitamin D. This substance is also very often used to support immunity. Like vitamin C, this substance can be used in various forms. The same rule applies – the body absorbs liposomes best. Vitamin D can also be sprayed, this form is absorbed especially quickly. Spray with vitamin D is easy to use, it can be kept in a bag or car, it does not need to add water, so it can be used anywhere.

Fish Oil. They are available at the pharmacy in liquid or capsules, and for children – gums. Adults usually choose capsules because liquid fish oil is not very tasty, but it is important to note that the liquid is better absorbed, so it is recommended to choose this form of fish oil if possible.

The pharmacist also reminds that vitamins and food supplements can not replace a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, so do not forget to eat a variety of foods, be physically active and often ventilate the room.

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