Friday , April 16 2021

Toyota has given SUV RAV-4 a learning hybrid to its students

Here is the third car Toyota already introduced by Toyota Baltic AS to the VTDK. Previous models only had internal combustion machines, this is the first hybrid car. According to Petr Kaikari, the head of the Automotive Department of the Automotive Department, the new learning car will provide even more practical information for today's students.

"Hybrid cars are growing rapidly. Drivers appreciate the use of less fuel and their environmental friendliness. As the number of hybrid cars grows on the streets of our country, they need to be maintained and repairs are increasing, so more and more these professionals will be able to become students, as they have already acquired valuable practical information at the college, "said Kakaris.

Photo Toyota / Marek Maide to Lucy Nijole Kikutienė

Photo Toyota / Marek Maide to Lucy Nijole Kikutienė

Toyota's practical training for SUV is the same as a street vehicle. 2017 A car has 2.5 cubic meters. cm from work volume machine up to 155 kilometers. The average cost of the car is 4,9 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions of 115 g / km. Innovation and reach 100 km / h The Toyota RAV4 speed requires 8.3 seconds.

According to the VTDK Automotive Department Chairman, all new Toyota cars allow students to ensure that technology is upgraded very quickly, so it is crucial to have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the safety, comfort and safety of the car. All other systems used in modern cars.

Furthermore, according to P.Kaikaris, Toyota is not just the desire to develop and develop sustainable technological and design solutions, but also one of the long-term goals of the UDC.

The Toyota RAV4 will be held at the college building and accessible to all students who have selected the areas of study in automotive maintenance and automotive maintenance systems. There are currently 494 such students.

Toyota Photo / Toyota has given RAV-4 to Vilnius Technology and Design College

Toyota Photo / Toyota has given RAV-4 to Vilnius Technology and Design College

On Wednesday, the International-Practical "Innovation of Technology Innovation in 2018" was introduced, which started on October 5, not just with a new car. The four most talented college students were awarded with Toyota scholarships at 540 Euros. Over more than ten years of partnership students have been awarded scholarships for more than 20,000 students. Eur.

Toyota has been working with the UDC for 12 years. This is an interesting and rich partnership for us. The new Toyota RAV4 SUV SUVV is the third vehicle that has been presented to lecturers and college students. The hybrid is not tomorrow's technology, but today, so it's important that students have the best training conditions with the best tools. Here are the values ​​of Toyota and UDC that we share, "said Marek Maide, Member of the Toyota Baltic MP Management Board.

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