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Constance Wu explains why she does not tighten back in Asian Face & # 39;

She has had to deal with more than a fair share of internet trolleys.

Constance Wu movie premium Crazy Rich Asians, Arrival, Los Angeles, USA - 07 August 2018

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Constance Wu must deal with more than a fair share of internet trolleys, and she knows which ones ignore. In Los Angeles Vulture Valley last night, the "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Fresh Off the Boat" star were questioned for its experience with "MRAsians" – Wu likes the term "incels Asia," briefly about "celibate independence "- and explained that" many Asian men are mad that one of my loved ones is white. "

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"They assume that all lovers have been white on the same love they've seen on my social media, which is the love I was dating When I started all my account, all the way until I was Fresh Off the Boat. Unless they thought I was a girl before I was 30, then … yeah, "he said.

"I do not tie back online because I do not feel it's necessary to protect myself," Wu added. "I am absolutely correct in my applications and why I'm doing – I'm very confident so – so if someone needs to target me to be part of a journey on how to get They feel about themselves or their place in the world, I think that's OK. "

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That explanation comes from a discussion about Wu asking to break a line of the "Crazy Rich Asians" script that was present in the book for not dating Asian men. "I think that's a text that should have some story and voice to myself, but I think that what we were trying to do with Crazy Rich Asians take that away, and in fact does not even urge that argument by putting it there, "he said.

"In the book, wow says, I've never dated Asian men from before, but Nick is different. It's saying that someone is an exception to the rule is to restate the rule."

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