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Kia Stinger wins the 2016 Car Insurance of the Year Business Insider Award

In 1993, Kia arrived in America with a compressed Sephia and soon followed the Sportage compact SUV. The cars were simple, affordable and totally boring.

Over the next quarter of a century, Kia and Hyundai's corporate fitness have not constantly improved their product products, but also work to eliminate any negative misunderstandings that the public might want to buy for Korean cars.

Nowadays, Kia makes good cars and SUVs and stands behind them with a 10-year warranty of 100,000 miles of water. It is no longer risk to own its vehicles; It's proven that it can satisfy and lovely American customers.

But the Stinger takes things to a whole new level, which is why we have been named 2018 of our Year.

This is easy the Kia best car has ever done, but more than that it is among the best cars of a type that we have driven. The instantaneous comparison was Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, a 505-horsepower beast that was the final for the Business Insider Car of the Year in 2017.

Obviously, the Stinger GT2 we have experienced, in 365 horses, puts lots of ponies up to the Giulia Quadrifoglio. But he has a light, spectacular, energetic feeling, and argues that the horses are very precise while Giulia Quadrifoglio is excessive. Also, Giulia Quad is almost $ 80,000, and you have to spend that amount to get the twin-turbo V6 because the non-Quads only give you four cylinder of 280-horse, at prices which is compared to Stinger GTs (# that Stinger can also get with four-banger less).

Sticker-wise, you may install the GT2 Stinger up against the Audi S4, and the specs are similar. But the S4, while a nice trip, is scarce of taste and stinger and Stinger. Yes, you could buy the S4 and be happy. But we'd rather buy Stinger and be very proud. (We also thought of the Stinger that is going on against Acura TLX A-Spec, who previously competed by Business Insider Car of the Year, but Acura the Stinger does not have twin turbo V6 juice going for it.

It's an endless look of fun, literal joy to drive. It's an enjoyable snarl burning (OK, one has added, but still) and grows bold when pushing it. It's flat quick. The time zero-to-60 is 4.7 seconds, but we thought it was notable faster than that. And you have to watch yourself on cruising speeds, as the Stinger highlights the urgent legal speed limit, but with hot silence and such an easy friend can ignore the speed .

As it came to an end, the weather in the Bay Area while Matt DeBord was driving varied between beautiful and rainy, so it was given the opportunity to validate the AWD system. We would not pay the extra thousands for it, but it performed easily. Generally, torque factors favor the back wheels and send ties to the foremost only if you need it.

Some reviewers have complained that the Stinger is suffering from the body's register, which is when the car continues to turn. But we did not notice much of that. We can not rape many turbo doors out of the engine.

We found that the paddling players were quite tidy, so we were mostly stopped. As a consequence, in Sport mode when installing the eight fast-speed auto shift gear, some strong sub-defects could be felt – that could worry some drivers, but we consider it as a spirit of what it should be about Sports motor.

The brakes are nice, Brembos beefy, and they keep Stinger checking. We drove them on the roads turning around Deer Creek and the mean streets of the Manhattan island. But we really enjoyed Stinger was the biggest on the highway: it is supposed to be turretically turismo, The A touring car, designed to remember a time when European couples fit with their elegant GTs and place their views on the front of the beach. The Stinger is a car that's going on a weekend trip to somewhere nice.

Some reviewers have also complained that the interior is not completely luxury. I am not. So what? Do you want to rub the leather through the day or drive the car? Edrychem is on to taste the beauty of Stinger – and be highlighted when we slip into.

It was lovely. The sound system sounds great. The seats are fine, have been heated and cooled (so was the steering wheel). We can live without hitting a racing car and treating open grain trees.

Matt stated that he would buy this car tomorrow without hesitation if he was in the market for four sports doors. Ben shared that feeling. We would skip the AWD to get the price down closer to $ 40,000 and laugh at all Audis and BMWs because our car would be just so hyper.

Great Kia risk, and one that should be rewarded great.

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