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Mahathir discusses the issue of water with Sore

Mahathir discusses the issue of water with Sore

Published on: Tuesday, November 13, 2018

SINGAPORE: The 1962 water agreement was one of the issues raised during the bilateral meeting between the Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad's Tun and Lee Hsien Loong of his peers in Singapore.

"We raised some of the issues that have been considered controversial in the past," said Mahathir to tea makers of high-quality diaspora with Malaysia here.

"I think I have to say our stall on it. I think in general, he (Lee) was quite accommodated. I listened to my opinion and I think it was open enough to discuss these things than before and before all of us turned back to renegotiation, "he told the Sun.

It was further asked whether Singapore agreed to amend the current price, Mahathir said: "They did not say they agreed, but at least they seem to be ready to state their case and we declare our cause. "

Regarding what the next step will be, he said that some officers will meet and discuss.

The issues on the agreement resurfaced this year as Mahathir criticized the price of raw water sold to Singapore as "ridiculous" and said he intended to renegotiate its terms.

The water agreement, which ends in 2061, gives Singapore the right to create up to 250 million gallons a day (mgd) of raw water from the River Johor. The city-state pays 3.0 percent per thousand gallons of raw water and sells water that has been handled back to Johor at 50 per thousand gallons.

In the meantime, Johor has the right to a daily supply of water that has up to 2.0cc or 5.0 mg of water supplied to the republic.

According to Mahathir, another issue discussed was on the Singapore Central Provision Fund but it had not expanded further.

The CPF issue is believed to be related to the difficulties faced by many Malaysians who have left the republic for more than a decade after working there but they can not withdraw their savings (CPF).

To a question presenting the third bridge proposal, Mahathir said: "I did not."

Mahathir is a city-state of the island for a two day official visit, and will join nine other government heads for the 33th Asean Summit and Associate Meetings.

His visit to the republic is the invitation of Prime Minister Lee, where both of the leaders were sitting together for the first time for the bilateral meeting held in The Istana early today.

The visit is part of Mahathir's high level introductory visits to the Asean countries after being introduced as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia in May. – Bernama

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