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The most unhealthy neighborhoods of Great Britain have appeared


In Soho there is no shortage of bars, take-offs and air pollution (Photo: Getty / iStock Photo)

Soho is the least healthy neighborhood to live in, showed new research.

London's West End is known for its vibrant nightlife and has no shortage of pubs, restaurants, and hostage-taking.

But there are not enough parks and green plantations, as well as air pollution.

The poorer parts of the country are saturated with chips and snack shops, and rural towns and villages have less access to health care, according to a study.

Researchers from the University of Liverpool have used a range of lifestyle and environmental measures to develop the healthiest and least healthy parts of the UK.

Factors that include access to fast food restaurants, licenses and beers, as well as proximity to health services, parks and recreational spaces.

Buyers at Carnaby Street, Soho, who are at the top of the unhealthy chart (photo: Getty)
The city of Big Torrington, North Devon, was crowned a healthy place in the UK (photo: Rex)

But this is a good news for the people of Big Torrington, North Devon, which was crowned with the most healthy place to stay in the country.

A small market town has a low level of pollution, many green spaces, good access to health services, and not many unhealthy outlets.

All the other ten healthy places to live were in Scotland, including Lohwinnah in Renfrewshire, Fowdhouse in West Lothian, Foxbar in Renfrechir and Marnoch in Northern Lansharshire.

Of the ten most unhealthy districts, six were located in inner London with others, including Scotch Gate near Ipswich and areas around Immingham, Humberside.

Soho in the London area of ​​the West End is known for its pubs, bars and restaurants (photo: Getty / Moment RF)

The University has collaborated with the Consumer Data Research Center and English Public Health to collect raft data, including air pollution statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency and information from surgical doctors, medical centers, fast food stores.

Dr. Mark Green, Senior Healthcare Geography Professor, said: "Statistics show important information about the concentration of certain amenities that can harm or promote health."

He said on average, the Brits are just as close to the pub or bar as they are to their closest GP (1.1km) and 42 percent are within 1km of the game outlet.

There is also no greenery in the lively area of ​​London (Photo: EMPICS Entertainment)

Dr. Green added: "These statistics reveal disturbing problems with the areas in which we live and how they can harm our health."

Deputy Director of the Consumer Data Research Center, Professor Alexey Singleton, said: "Our study showed that access was not evenly distributed in the UK – rural areas have lower access to many health services and those services considered harmful to health, often concentrated in poorer areas.

For example, 62 per cent of people living in 10 per cent of the poorest areas are 1 km away from fast food, compared with 24 per cent in the 10 per cent of the poorest areas.

Use this interactive map to find out how healthy your area is.

The results of the study will be formally presented for the first time at the International Symposium on Medical Geography in Queenstown (New Zealand) on Monday.

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