Friday , July 30 2021

Vickneswaran rejects security vaccination at KLIA

PETALING JAYA: The actions of the Transport Minister Anthony Loke were very unexpected as he failed to have two sides of the story, said president Dewan Negara, Tan Sri S. Vickneswaran.

He said he had not broken any security protocol and the only issue was that he had been told that he was not worn with sandals in the VIP lounge.

"I always coincided with my guardian as well as a security officer in the VIP lounge. I was there to send my daughter to London.

"None of those present had told me that I had broken the security protocol, I was told that a newsletter published in 2013 says that everyone who has the right to pay attention must be paid; I'm going to the VIP lounge, "he said the sun.

Vickneswaran, who is also the president of the MIC, said that he had only asked the receiver at the lounge counter to show him the newsletter.

He said he did not tell her that ban on sandals was not banned but she did not shout at any time.

"I've used the VIP lounge several times and I was not asked to show a VIP tag, if I had been told that I had to display such a tag, we would have followed the rules.

"Even the security officer had not asked me to display the tag, he took the lift to the lounge as I took the stairs," he said.

Vickneswaran said he felt the admissions officer had beenhave in an uncomfortable way and his officer had reported on the incident.

He said that the event happened on the 14th and 15th century for which his office was reporting, the minister had more time to get his side of the story.

He also provided a copy of the report made by her office with her the sun.

He also noted that he did not use the VIP lounge because he was the president of the MIC, but he only used as he was the privilege granted to him as president of Dewan Negara.

Loke said Vickneswaran had refused to apologize and had ordered the airport authorities to report on the incident, and they did so on Saturday.

He said they will let the police carry out the investigation over the incident.

"This is the new Malaysia, ministers will protect all front line officers if they follow the appropriate procedures, we all have to follow the Law Rule," he told today's correspondents.

Uchaf noted that Vickneswaran did not deny that the event had taken place, so apologies will not reduce your own dignity regardless of how high you have an office.

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