Wednesday , November 25 2020

Voting for the budget can be postponed if the deputies agree, the academician said

Voting for the 2021 budget is scheduled for Thursday (November 26). (Bernama pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: The budget debate in Devan Rakyat can be continued if MPs agree, trying to find the best point of agreement between the government bloc and the opposition, a law teacher said today.

Assoc. Shamrahayu Abdul Aziz of the International Islamic University said that the vote on the budget could be postponed if a budget agreement could not be reached among MPs and a more thorough discussion was needed.

“Assuming that there are some things that cannot be agreed upon and need to be more specifically studied, then the vote on the bill could be postponed,” Shamrahayu said.

“For example, if the debate is scheduled for 10 days, it can be continued because it is (national) interest; compared to other laws, the most important is the delivery bill for 2021, ”said Shamrahayu, participating in the Ruang Bicara program.

The budget debate is expected to continue for the ninth day in Devan Rakyat tomorrow until the relevant minister concludes. The vote is scheduled for Thursday (November 26).

Shamrahayu noted that if necessary, it is also possible to amend to add or remove any item or previous proposal.

If the government adopts (amendments), it is allowed. Importantly, during the debate, MPs can propose, add or remove a bill. If the justification is good and the government is open to the idea, it can be accepted, “she said.

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