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When Shah Rukhan Ranbir and Dipici’s response, calling his chemistry with Kajol “ palangtod ”, left everyone dumb

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest superstars in the world, and in addition to acting, his wit also wins hearts. We came across a video about the return, where SRK reacted to Ranbir Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone praised his chemistry with Kajol, and well, that will leave you delighted.

Shah Rukh Khan responds to Deepika Ranbir's comment about him and KajolWhen Shah Rukhan Ranbir and Dipici’s response, calling his chemistry with Kajol “ palangtod ”, left everyone dumb

If we “named one undisputed king of hearts, as well as wit in Bollywood, then no one else comes to mind but Shah Rukh Khan. Known for his witty classmates and epic tweets, King Khan’s” Ask SRK “sessions are a lot of fun and Not only that, even in his interviews, Shah Rukh leaves everyone impressed by his cleverness, charm and wit, and today we came across an epic video from a press conference. Dilwal SRK praised Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor about his chemistry and the chemistry of Kajol.

At the launch of the chemistry counter Tamasha at the time, Ranbir and Deepika mentioned that the chemistry of Shah Rukh and Kajol was a “palangtod” for them. In the video, we see how wittily King Khan responded to the comment and even left everyone depressed by his humor. At first we see Shah Rukh and Kajol having fun commenting on “palangtod”. He even cheerfully reminds everyone that he and Kajol are married. However, he continues to praise Ranbir and Deepik and thanks them for their words.

Shah Rukh says: “They are very nice of them. They are wonderful friends, wonderful co-authors. In fact, along the way, I read what they said. It takes a big heart to feel such feelings for other actors. Of course, we were there for 20 years. And we tried to create (this chemistry), really, really. Humko toh pata chalta nahi hai, ki hamari khidhki tod hai, palangtod hai, ghar tod hai. I never thought so. Just because we don’t have that idea on mind you, that’s why it seems natural. But having said that, they’re both fantastic too. “

Take a look at Shahrukhan’s video:

Going back to modern times, Shah Rukh and Deepika starred together in a film called “Patan”. A similar shooting broke out in Mumbai recently, and King Khan was spotted flaunting his long locks on Patan’s set. It is reportedly a militant filmed by Siddhart Anand. While fans of King Khan waited for the official announcement, SRK photos on the set added fuel to speculation about the film, which takes place on the floors. In addition, there are suggestions that Shah Rukh may also have shot for an episode in Aamir Khan’s film “Laal Singh Chad.

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