Tuesday , June 15 2021

Children lie when they testify against their father and send them to the prison for 10 years

Denver, EU.- Ten years after being imprisoned with payments sexual abuse against her own children, man of Utah requires justice to declare it innocent because of its three children, now adults, admit they are ashamed, the local media reported.

David Hakins he asked this week to leave without the testimony of the witnesses that their three children males introduced 12 years ago, and that led to serving a 7-year sentence and included for life in the registry of sexual predators.

Children and children Hawkins, now 25, 24, and 21, they reveal to the newspaper Salt Lake City Tribune they have queried in their statements to the court because they are angry in the discipline that his father set.

At the time, they recognized that they could not predict what they would be the witnesses for, for their father and family. Now, even without direct contact with a father, they are trying correct that error.

On the basis of formal letters children they are sending the judge responsible for the case and the case Prosecutor, The Hawkins The procedures started so that its name and past were absolutely clear criminal activity.

If the judge agrees with the application Hawkins, then your conviction in 2007 would be released and your name would be deleted from a registry predators. In addition, he could even receive compensation from a State Utah want to be imprisoned innocent.

Greg Garda, lawyer of Hawkins, notes that the documents presented by the children qualify as "recent evidence " for the innocent of his representative, although this is not invalidated "exciting relationship" between Hawkins to them children, partly produced because Hawkins He divorced his wife.

The procedure will not be simple, since 2007 Hawkins He pleaded guilty to two of the allegations against him and then, jailedly, he would admitted the alleged abuse in the mandatory therapy treatments for predators inside the prison.

There is no date for the court to continue to review the petition and it has not decided whether the children will be admitted to their father.

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