Monday , August 2 2021

Clothing and electronics, the most searched up to date in El Buen Fin

The Universal / La Voz de Michoacán

Mexico City Clothing and electronics stores attract the highest number of users during the second day of the business venture of the name El Buen Fin.

Consumer wealth varied according to the type of store and product, while the proposals were kept in a range of between 15% and 50%, as well as benefits such as promotions to months without interest and additional discounts.

In the Antara shopping center, the influx of people from medium to low went into commercial establishments, although the presence of customers in the corridors with their shopping bags was evident.

Inside Palacio de Hierro, in Mollanco, the number of clients who reviewed the products, either, had formed in the pay boxes or walked in the corridors from medium to high level to some establishments during the afternoon This Saturday, where clothes and electronics were the products that attracted the most attention from potential customers.

According to the National League of Small Traders (Anpec), monthly monthly basket price and market monitoring at the Good End Detecto? On average, only one third of the nine evaluated products have an attractive reduction.

"For this survey, consideration was given to five department stores, in each of the most competitive sales promotions are the months of unprotected purchases, however, buying in this way represents a risk for the Mexican family economy in the medium term, "said the agency.

Within the market study carried out for Good End for the Anpec, products such as screens, cell phones, computers, video game consoles, fridges and washing machines were considered.
"Against this background, Anpec encourages the community to verify that the purchases of months without interest are true and do not charge the cost to the prices of the products in a secret manner," he said.

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