Friday , September 17 2021

Corte denies that Cofece maintains wages that exceed AMLO

Minister of the Supreme Court of the People's Nation (ALS) Alberto Perez Dayan denied suspension of personnel Federal Commission for Economic Competition (Cofece) applied for a reduction in wages.

At the same time, all employees of the autonomous body should have a salary of less than 108 thousand pesos a month, so that nobody will win more than the president of the republic.

Perez Dian said that his decision was based on the fact that the constitutional disputes proclaimed by Coffes had been processed after its approval. Budget of the Federation expenditures for 2019,

"After the approval and publication of the challenged act, which consists of the budget of the Federation expenditures for 2019, becomes the status of the completed act," said Minister Peres Dayan.

According to the budget, the salary of the President of the Republic is set at the level of 2.3 million Gross Pesos, 1.6 million Peso with the discount of relevant taxes.

At the same time in December last year Federal Law on Remuneration of Civil Servants which warns that no employee of the federal government will earn more than the president of the Republic.

In Cofece, by 2018, at least 29 officials had salaries of over 2.3 million gross annual pesos, including six commissioners and their president, Alejandra Palacios, which earned 3.3 million gross pesos.

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