Friday , June 18 2021

For Francisco Guillermo Ochoa, "urges" a stable trainer in the national team


CÓRDOBA – Four months after the end of the World Cup in Russia, lack of coach focusing on the process of Selección Mexicana is a matter of urgency for the team, Gkermo Ochoa, the goalkeeper at the end of the game against Argentina, analyzed in this exciting friendly game this year.

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"Encourage (coach) to work and prepare games; Emergency planning better calls for the future; encourage stability in the selection and the bigger difference (with Argentina ) is that where they compete, make their growth more, "said goalkeeper.

One aspect that also considers this subject, reflecting the shooter that has come from the basic forces of America, is the same requirement that the players are no longer a strategist that focuses on what who is in front of you.

"You do not know what will happen later and if it counts on you or not. In a selection when you do not have much time to work, it's important to have the trainer," he said.

Javier Gümemez was consulted on the same subject, that he was not so intense in that analysis as Ochoa and said that at least in this case, there are competitors against which great experience is being acquired.

"It's part of the transition period that the driver's change is experiencing and the search for new generations is part of that process and the best way to & #. 39; w faced with this type of competitors or as of the last FIFA date and it suits us very well, "he said.

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