Friday , July 30 2021

Human Rights is described as a "colossal wall" of the National Guards

As a "colossal wall" and a "potentially disastrous" policy, Human Rights Watch (HRW) described on Friday the national security plan introduced by the elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to create an Army-controlled National Reserve.

"López Obrador inherits a human rights disaster caused, largely, through the militarization of public safety in the country," said José Miguel Vivanco, American director at HRW, in a statement. When reconfigurating the bet of this strategy, López Obrador "makes a colossal mistake that could stop any hope of ending the wonder that has caused so much suffering in Mexico in recent years."

Miguel Vivanco referred to the plan that the presiding officer should present on Wednesday to create a National Reserve, which will be under the Army command, for internal security tasks. The application, which qualifies requires constitutional reform, has shared a view in Mexico.

HRW, based in Washington, said the use of military in public safety issues had predicted disastrous consequences in the last two governments. The Armed Forces of the country are made for war, not for public safety, and have committed very serious abuse against civilians, with a broad penalty. "

He also insisted that "they have not been able to reduce violence and, in fact, may have been a key factor that contributed to the significant increase in the number of homicides in these years."

He expressed concern that the authorities to date have introduced military intervention as an auxiliary and temporary role to support civil police; However, the Tabasco scheme leaves all the appearance in this sense.

"We are encouraging López Obrador to reconsider the misleading policy that could be disastrous," said Vivanco, adding that the presiding officer "should commit to improving civil forces, a task which, however, is a complicated, is essential to complete a sustainable way with violence and abuse that has extended in Mexico. "

Amnesty International (AI) criticized the proposal that its director for America, Érika Guevara Rosas, had been described as "worrisome", to repeat "basically the failed military security model", which has allowed commissioning "serious human rights crimes" "In the hands of the Armed Forces.

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