Tuesday , June 15 2021

Joss Eduardo Derbes shows off his half-brother Anwar in the pool, and he breaks hearts: VIDEO

Tik Tok This is undoubtedly the most popular social platform at the moment, as it has short-term and quite dynamic content. Various celebrities have been able to take advantage of this space, which has helped them to promote the projects they develop a little more.

In this case, If Eduardo Derbez posted a video that gave him a lot of views, but he was not the protagonist, but a half-brother Anuel, who apparently did not like Internet users.

On the record you can see Anwar inside the pool on the shore. In glasses for him G and a scout hat, he said only one sentence: “Welcome to Jurassic Park”. This is after showing a huge, well-kept garden, where in the background you can see several trees and palm trees.

As if that wasn’t enough, after giving “welcome” to the kingdom of dinosaurs you can hear the characteristic music of the saga Jurassic Park, which has entertained so many generations.

Netizen reaction

As expected, the reaction was immediate, and, of course, they did not miss the style and aesthetics of his half-brother Jose Eduardo. Most agreed that he was as handsome as he was.

Anwar is a son Victoria Ruffo and Lobster Fayad, the current governor of Russia Hidalgo. He is 16 years old, he has a sister Victoria. His work at Tik Tok is not so great, as he barely has a couple of publications.


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