Thursday , April 15 2021

Minimum wage 2021. Deputies approve of rising inflation

Plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies unanimously approved 428 votes for the reform of the Federal Labor Law ensure that annual wage increases always exceed inflation.

According to the decree submitted to the executive branch for its publication and entry into force, “It is very important to have a competitive, strong, decent and sufficient wage, and that it should never be lower than the inflation observed during its period, so that workers can save, consume more and provide for the necessary family, increasing dynamics and economic growth Mexico.

It states that, according to the National Council for Social Policy Evaluation (Coneval), the individual price of the base basket is 1165 pesos in rural areas and 1633 pesos in urban areas, But, in the context of the covid-19 pandemic, during the second quarter of 2020, the population with a salary below the cost of the main food basket increased from 37.3 to 45.8 percent.

Substantiating the opinion on the rostrum, the President of the Labor Commission Manuel Baldenebro, pElebro unanimously supported the reform of Article 90 of the Federal Labor Law in both chambers of the Union Congress.

“There is no longer a minimum wage below inflation, which, as we might say, has historically absorbed the wage opportunities that Mexicans have lived on,” he said.

As for Morena, Deputy Ana Maria Rodriguez said so The reform will give Mexican workers confidence that the minimum wage will not fall and the path of recovery will begin.

“This decision will be noted in the history of our country, because for the first time it is proposed that the low and insufficient minimum wage be higher than the annual inflation rate, a situation that neoliberal governments have never done,” he said.

Representing PAN, Mario’s deputy Manuel Sanchez warned this wages over the past 30 years have experienced a real loss of purchasing powerHowever, thanks to the efforts of the manufacturing sector over the past two years, the minimum wage has increased significantly.

However, on behalf of PRI, legislator Isaias Gonzalez noted that a 45 percent increase in the minimum wage over the past three years is still insufficient, primarily due to the constant rise in prices for goods and services, for which he believed that the reform would contribute to greater economic stability and create a favorable environment for the creation and expansion of employment with fairer and more competitive wages.

Senator Marty Batres celebrated the endorsement of the initiative as follows the minimum wage is never updated below inflation.

“A year and a half ago, I took the initiative to establish in the Federal Labor Law that the minimum wage will never be renewed (sic) below the inflation rate, protecting what has been achieved in this six-year period. The Senate approved it on December 11. Today the Chamber of Deputies. Historical“.


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