Thursday , April 15 2021

On the verge of tears, Marjorie de Souza desperately asks for prayers

Just hours after he confirmed his return to soap operas such as villain new production of Televisa, ‘Soulless, Marjorie de Sousa is going through a bitter moment in her life.

And this is what after the happiness of announcing this new project, the actress turned to her social networks to do special request to his followers.

Because of his stories on Instagram, Marjorie asked for prayers for a member of his family that was found delicate in health.

marjorie de sousa prayers encourage the soulless

This applies to yours perrito ‘Sweet’ and along with a photo of the pet, Marjorie wrote: “Please, I want to ask you to pray for my child, Dolce”.

So he asked for prayers:

marjorie de sousa prayers encourage the soulless

Before reporting to her followers, Marjorie spoke more about the evil that suffers from her pet, and explained: Thank you for these messages. Well, nothing my puppy has been a little weird for a few days and they don’t give what happened to him then … today he had tomography to rule out that it’s not something very bad “.

marjorie de sousa prayers cheer the soulless

Finally, Marjorie indicated that she trusted in praying for her beloved pet to do well, and reminded her of the puppies who had lost their lives, whom she still mourns. ”We have to wait I trust God, all the angels and in the Mother of God, in whom it will turn out well “, is over.

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