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SST Recognition – El Mercurio de Tamaulipas

During the national Mexican health system meeting, the task held in Tamaulipas, …

During the national Mexican health system meeting, the task held in Tamaulipas was acknowledged, and some indicators that exceeded the initial goals – which are not absolute – have been highlighted – The above is good news for the entity, as the population expects its authority's priority attention in very specific areas, emphasizing that health is the basis of everything else.
In that sense, secretary Gloria Molina Gamboa presented the data recognized in Puebla, highlighting a very substantial investment, supported by the Tamaulipas government, through detailed indications, as said head of Health, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca.
The importance of addressing health aspects is known, and in that sense, the Molina Secretary drew attention to the work in fundamental aspects such as the attention of chronic diseases and other diseases that cause The greatest number of deaths.
According to the Secretary of the Gamboa Molina, priorities in Tamaulipas, chronic illegal diseases, hypertension, obesity, adolescent pregnancy, maternal and ill health, as well as dengue, zika and chikungunya, are a reason why measures have been increased to acquire your control and your timely attention.
And to achieve goals such as those presented and nationally recognized, a good team is needed: a technical director would never win a championship without capable players.
In that sense, it is acknowledged that a large number of health professionals are responsible for complying with health policies in the entity.
Here are those that shape the higher signs of improving the numbers and causes of these diseases, the most important is obesity and hypertension, which causes a large number of cases of diabetes, pressure high blood and cardiovascular diseases.
We can not forget the tireless battle that is being done to avoid pregnancy in adolescent, a very big concern to the government, and one that has established itself as one of the most significant goals.
Unfortunately, there are many cases in these entities, which endanger the health of our women and their children in pregnancy. Tamaulipas is not the problem but nationally.
In that sense, Dr Molina emphasized that a reduction in pregnancy among teenagers, which discriminated against this type of action, has fallen by 9.4 per cent.
But as this significant item, the number of preventative and control-centered concentrations on diabetes and high blood continues to multiply; remember that they are chronic diseases with most cases in the whole world, and in Mexico our figures are not weird at all.
And introduced Dr. Gloria Molina numbers allow recognition of the work of the Secretariat under its register, and must do with accreditation of units and hospitals, as well as specialist services.
True: there's still a lot to do with regards to health, but we need to recognize what many of the users of these units know, and what service is there; to improve in various aspects, and while there needs to be a need to transform aspects to improve achievements, You can bring to the conclusion that there are developments where we are all and those who win.
The state health system shows progress, and these are nationally recognized, filled with joy.

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