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The mother of Danielle Ramirez denies that the remnants belong to her daughter


This Thursday, a man who introduced himself to the uncle of a young man Daniela Ramirez Ortiz, but who is really just a family friend, reported that The remains are found in Tlalpan yes, they correspond to the victim, however, Mother of daniel he denied it and explained that he would wait until the analyzes and expert reports were finished to be sure.

We recommend: They investigate whether there is one of the bones found in Tlalpan, Daniela Ramirez

Morning, during the demonstration the disappearance of Daniela Ramirez OrtizThe person who introduced himself as a relative said that clothes and dental arches were found locally in Tlalpan this week, yes, they are from an 18-year-old girl.

Yes, Daniela, because of photographs that got into the media yesterday, we, as members of the family, could recognize her clothes. We were able to recognize his teeth and dental work that was done through a dentist. who is my uncle and very close to Daniel's mother, and we confirm that it is Daniel. Although there is no charge, I did not say it formally, "said Sergio González, assumed by Uncle Daniela Ramirez.

In your Twitter account Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office reported that, following the findings in the Parrze region, a forensic-anthropological and odontological analysis of dental arches was conducted to conduct a study of dental confrontation; Progress has also been made in the process of extracting DNA from bones.

Daniela disappeared on May 19 when he left the pizzeria where he worked at Xochimilco and He drove to a party in a taxi.

Along the way, she sent several WhatsApp messages to a friend asking for help, because she said she was afraid that a taxi driver would steal her and warned that they were driving her to the border of Morelos in the Parreux area.

On Tuesday, more than 130 people from different institutions participated in the search for signs in the last zone where a cell signal was found, where they found clothing, dental protection and bones.

After the disappearance of Daniel, we raised the report on her disappearance at FEPIDE, and we held the first meeting with Willie, the prosecutor on cases of disappearance, in that we discovered the double victimization of mother and Daniel, as a girl, we believe that the prosecution still does not answer the task of solving these serious situations, because three days ago we learned from the media and not from the authorities that the remains of Danyli were found, "said Sergio González, assumed by uncle Daniel Daniels Ramirez.

They said that the mother and the seven Daniela were not respected and that they had already been notified of the release of another woman in the same Parras area where the signs were found.

They told us it was necessary to go from 15 to 20 days to conduct DNA tests, which Margot, Daniele's mother, had done earlier. It is not right that we live in a country where women are disappearing, there is another line of investigation of another woman, who also disappeared there many years ago, we argue that if there is another bone in the same place where Daniel was found, it will be clarified in the near future, "said Sergio González, assumed by Uncle Daniela Ramirez.

They said that they did not give them an investigation folder and demanded that they be found responsible for the deed.

The surname confirms that one of the bones found in Tlalpan is Daniela Ramirez

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