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They achieve the Amazon and Apple agreement; rescue rack – Palco Quintanarroense – News from Quintana Roo, Cancun, Playa del Carmen

For the past 11 years, AceBeach has been selling hard-to-find electronic devices online. There was a time when Apple's products included half AceBeach sales, but in recent years Apple has made it more difficult for third parties to sell new or new iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.

The new agreement between Apple and Amazon will make it even harder. It could be a race competition for a number of small resellers and online repairs.

Amazon and Apple reached an agreement that Amazon may include Apple and Beats products when they come out, such as iPhone XS and XR. In return, Amazon will remove any unauthorized third party selling Apple products from platform. The agreement comes into effect later this year and will apply to Amazon sales in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany and Spain.

Amazon will sell and ship Apple products, which will buy directly from you. It will also include products from some authorized Apple distributors in its catalog.

Distributors learned about the change on Friday, November 16 in the morning in a letter from Amazon received by CNN Business. They have until 4 January, 2019 to sell their list; Later, Amazon will remove them from your list. Amazon advised them to contact Apple if they want to become authorized distributors to continue selling on-site products.

"It's simple [una] aggressive to external resellers, "said AceBeach owner, who asked anonymity." They want people like me to go directly through Apple. "

Vendors of authorized Authorities must buy as few products a year, which does not make sense to some retailers. Most do their sales immediately from the Apple product presentation, in March and September, when stocks are scarce. Usually, a third party is buying new devices the day they are selling to sell in Apple and Best Buy stores and rushes to fill the Amazon space. They call it "Apple season".

Other small businesses sell devices that are used and rebuilt: they buy them from their original owners and repair them. These companies will also have to obtain Apple approval, and they'll probably have to become Apple authorized service providers and will only be able to use Apple's official spare parts.

Unauthorized companies can continue to sell Apple items on sites such as Ebay and Craigslist or through their own website. However, this represents a fraction of what they can do in Amazon. As well as the volume of sales more, Amazon offers more protection for sellers against fraud.

Amazon is influencing the retail market in the United States and pale its nearest competitor. According to eMarketer, it represents 49.1% of electronic retail sales in the US and the sales are expected to reach 258,000 million dollars this year. In the second place is Ebay, with 6.6% of sales. Apple is the third largest electronic sales site in the United States, with 3.9% sales. It may not be much comparable to Amazon, but it's striking if you're considering that Apple sells a limited choice of products.

"Amazon is constantly working to improve the customer experience. One of the ways we do that is by increasing the supply of products that we know that customers are looking for, "said Amazon in a statement about the change.

This is not the first time that Amazon works with retailers to fight external resellers. According to the owner of AceBeach, when selling some popular toys, Amazon began asking them for expressive consent from makers, such as Hasbro, to sell their products.

The Supreme Court of the United States announced an award in 2013 confirming the right of people to re-sell any article legally legally, but subject to copyright. But as a company, Amazon has full control over who can sell something on their platform. Sometimes use this power against your competition. Amazon has blocked the sale of Google devices such as Chromecast, because they compete with their own smart speakers and live streaming devices. Even with this new agreement, Amazon refuses to sell Apple HomePod because it competes with Amazon Echo devices.

The latest change will not take AceBeach out of business because it has given the best to sell Apple products. However, for small businesses that sell online, they are reminded that their survival depends on Amazon.

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