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Two blouses and paramedics are killed when they attack when they place bags in Taxco

IGUALA, GUERRERO.- Three state police and Red Cross volunteers died as they provided humanitarian aid in the town court, after being bullied by armed individuals in the community of San Juan Tenerías in the municipality of Trethco de Alarcón.

In addition, six injured people had registered and had already been transferred to the Taxco hospitals and a state police officer is still missing.

The town of San Juan Tenerías is now located 20 minutes from the municipal capital of Taxco and has less than 200 inhabitants.

According to the sources of the State Public Protection Secretariat, the events took place around 11 in the morning when people of the Red Cross were secured, led by Óscar Figueroa Escorcia, president of that organization, by police and police elements; They state and arrive at the San Juan Tenerías court where they would provide humanitarian aid between blankets and mats.

At this place, at least 20 people started with camouflage clothing to attack state police officers with bullets.

Elements & police who lost their lives were Lucio Pacheco Abarca; Iginio Martínez Blanco at Rigoberto de la Cruz Carranza, paramedic Alejandro Garcia Flores, also died in the scene.

Although there are four paramedics among the casualties: Tomas Garcia Ascencio, Maria Alondra Maganda Millan, Jose Santos Herrera Arteaga and Galilea as well as two civilians: Rosario Diaz Medoro and Graciela Valladares Gomez.

The injuries were already transferred to different hospitals in the Trethco borough for medical attention.

According to official accounts, those responsible for the events run to the location and location and the incentive to the attack is identified.

Due to the dispute between organized crime groups, the taxco city of Alarcón has become a red center for the murders and for not having elements of urban police armed as a result of alleged assault in assault, murder and departure of 43 students Ayotzinapa in September 2014.

In an interview, the previous Monday, municipal president of Taxco de Alarcón, Marcos Parra Gomez, who took up a post on 30 September, said that there are not enough 55 municipal police officers that have not yet been equipped and have to pay attention to Around 100 thousand residents the platero city has settled in the North Guerrero region.

The mayor PAN contact explained that they had employed 60 tourist forces to support visitors to this city.

He added that the idea is to train and test these agents so that they can later be incorporated into the urban preventive police, which so far fulfill proximity functions.

Parra Gómez mentioned that they had done co-ordinated work with the state government, which has enabled them to reduce the number of criminal cases in recent days and has favored the advent of tourists in the past days of the Day of Death holiday town. more than 95 percent.

So far this year, in the borough of Trethco there were more than 60 murders, where organized crime allegedly involved.

The Mexican Red Cross mourned and condemned the incidents where one of his members lost his life, while more were injured.

In combination, the institution states that, because of the "evil assault, the organization's volunteer died so we added to the family's penalty. All of the Mexican Red Cross volunteers are in pain and are stunned when losing their volunteer. "

He also praised the death of the Police and State elements and asked for an early inquiry into the events that happened and called on a society to respect the organization's volunteering and inflation because it is solely the purpose of helping and those who are need most.

"The aggression against our staff not only damages the organization, but it affects the beneficiaries because they are hopeful in helping to mitigate their suffering," it is. The statement continues.

Mexican Cross Cross is a impartial and independent organization, which works with basic principles and its work is for only humanitarian interest. His work does not have political or regional purposes, a neutral organization, says the document sent to the media.

Social networks began to circulate messages to call Red Cross and volunteers, mentioning, among other things, that Red Cross is not amazing throughout the world, even in wars and conflicts other weapons.

"There must be something different from now on against those incredible, without codes or honors", in relation to the attacks.

Guerrero's State Governor, Hector Astudillo Flores, was grieving and "unreasonable" incidents and visited the six injured people, who were receiving medical attention at the General Hospital "Adolfo Prieto" in the city of money, where he told them, they and their families, their consent and that their government supports them in everything they need.

The Secretary of Health, Carlos de la Peña Pintos, Municipal President of Taxco, Marcos Efrén Parra Gómez, and the civic union, Thalía Rodríguez, who spoke with medical personnel to offer all with the State Executive . medical attention

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