Friday , June 18 2021

Bas – France: the Blues accept, they've "lost everything"

The Blues have not tried excuses. The French, mainly under the Netherlands (2-0) on Friday in the League of Nations, had analyzed without concessions their first hits since their world championship title. "Our shortcomings were screaming (Friday night)." We did not give enough ingredients to hope to have a good result, the perception is obvious … "said Didier Deschamps, who was interviewed at a press conference. The speech was the same players, as it was summed up by Blaise Matuidi. "It's a day without. to us, we lost everything we were punished, "said Juventus midfield.

"Spread in all parts of the game". How, then, explain that this has lost an appointment in a wide range? Olivier Giroud, who interviewed in a mixed zone, provokes a decent deficit presumption. "I do not think it's a disgraceful thing, from now you're out of control in every part of the game …" said the center, in great difficulty on Friday, such as its partners Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappé.

"I felt that in the first half, when we did the weight, it was not a team, there was not enough to get the ball, we were playing too low. When it was restored, the first ball was not sudden and it was difficult to start anti-drafting, "Giroud continued. "I believe that almost all levels we have sinned, it's not a French team," added Moussa Sissoko.

Weight of absences? In front of the Netherlands, the French team has certainly introduced a smaller workforce, including the injury packages from the owners of Samuel Umtiti, Lucas Hernandez and Paul Pogba. But Didier Deschamps for overseeing their deputies, especially the Steven Nzonzi player field, was not flawed at the opening of the Dutch score. "I do not have a special message for Steven, it's a part of a combination, and in general we have been lower than what we can do," said DD.

"I'd rather have everyone available, but I do not find excuses, the players there, I chose," said the trainer. Antoine Griezmann only admits: "We had many lost players important to us and it has been seen."

Lloris, the only survivor of sinking. There was only one man who escaped this joint self-criticism session: Hugo Lloris. Blues' keeper and captain kept his team running with no less than nine stops, especially at the height of the storm in the second half. "We could have pushed more goals if we had not had Hugo," said Matuidi, who joined Giroud and Deschamps at this point. The Blues do not have their destiny now in their hands. Only a German victory against the Netherlands, on Monday, would allow them to qualify for the final phase of the League of Nations.

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