Friday , December 4 2020

behind the scenes of his unexpected participation (VIDEO)

Not to say that Cyberpunk 2077 video games are highly anticipated by gamers around the world. But this issue has even higher expectations, as it is known that Keanu Reeves will play an important role in the story. The studio has just released a video that reveals the actor’s behind-the-scenes work.

From the moment of his impressive arrival during the presentation of the game Cyberpunk 2077, in June 2019, at E3 (Mecca of video games), Keanu Reeves has caused huge expectations among gamers around the world as well as among his fans. But the game, developed by the Polish studio CD Projekt Red, is also a saga The sorcerer – survived many delays. However, this expectation should still end on December 10. In order for impatient gamers to meet this expectation, the developers have just unveiled a video that fans of the star should like. Matrix.

A new role for Keanu Reeves

In this clip, we reveal the participation and work of Keanu Reeves on the project. The 56-year-old actor climbed into the belly of Johnny Silverhand, a character who is important in the story. So, we attend the actor’s dubbing session. He also finds himself in a suit strewn with electrodes when he shoots a sequence of motion capture. A work reminiscent of Keanu Reeves about some aspects of filming the trilogy Matrix.

Keanu Reeves will soon return to theaters in the fourth batch of “Adventures” John Wick. This year he also received his Neo clothes on set Matrix 4 led Lana Wachowski. Moreover, the end of filming at the Babelsberg studio near Berlin has sparked controversy over non-compliance with health standards.

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