Monday , June 14 2021

Beyoncé: why she will never work with Topshop again

Beyoncé and Topshop, it's over. As a women's rights operator, the singer now wants to deal with Philip Green, the head of the British brand, charged with the costs of sexual harassment.

Although she has established her Ivy Park brand in collaboration with Topshop, Beyoncé has just recovered 100% control. The reason? Philip Green, the head of the Arcadia group that includes the British brand, but also the Burton, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge brands since sexual assault since the 25th of October. According to the BBC, Queen B has bought business shares through his Parkwood company. "After discussions that lasted nearly a year, Parkwood got 100% of Ivy Park brand. Topshop – Arcadia will honor existing orders," announces release of the brand released on Thursday, November 14.

Sexual harassment and racism

Having accused of sexual harassment and racism, the relationship around Philip Green has so far been stifled. But he did not count on Lord Peter Heim, who felt that he was his "duty" and "in the public interest" to reveal the identity of this man in question without quoting his name the day before. and Daily Telegraph. "The British #MeToo scandal that can not be revealed," he said at the time, saying that no name could be communicated. Once his name was disclosed in the House of Lords, Philip Green denied these accusations definitely.

But the Equalities Society now campaigning for gender equality, quickly asked Beyoncé to follow the case closely. "Beyoncé locates himself as the rights rights of women. She needs a team to look at these allegations," said society spokesman Yasmeen Hassan, on October 28. Lastly, we she finally took her separation from the man who had launched her brand, which was sold so far at Topshop.

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