Thursday , April 15 2021

Club: PSG wants to fix the future of Mbappe after “Barca” (“Brand”)

According to Mark, PSG would like to dwell on the future of Kilian Mbappe after the return match against “Barcelona” on March 10. Qatar would like to keep the French to a minimum of 2022.

The case of Kilian Mbappe would almost drive the entire football planet mad. And inevitably in Paris we become impatient. As for PSG, we want to focus quickly on the future of the French player: Marc says that the Parisian club would like the future of his star to be clear at the end of the eighth return of the Champions League against Barca, March 10 next year at the Princes’ Park. A close term that adheres to Leonardo’s words about France Blue.

Another important aspect, Mark explains that Qatar will try to keep at least the Frenchman, as well as Neymar until the 2022 World Cup. Recall that the World Cup in Qatar, somewhat special in form, will take place from late November to mid-December. Currently, the contract between Mbappe and the capital club is valid until June 2022. It is logically necessary to continue.

This information, if true, shows that Mbappe’s plot is getting closer and closer to the epilogue. A week ago, we learned that discussions are ongoing without any real contract offer from PSG. If the club seems to want to speed up negotiations, one may wonder whether the first written contract, which has been kept warm until then, is going to be submitted to Mbappe camp.

Leonardo, no stranger to this way of conducting discussions, in any case hinted that the club was close to making decisions, on Thursday morning, at France Bleu Paris: “We are talking about a contract. We have been talking for a long time. I think we are mostly moving forward in terms of clarity of our position, it’s always clearer. What do we want? I think everyone knows how it happens, and here I think we will arrive at a time when we have to take a position, a decision. ” The next few days will be crucial.

As Mark mentions in his article, PSG can, in case of failure of negotiations, sell their player next summer. The goal is also to prevent the player from being released next summer.

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