Thursday , June 24 2021

COVID-19: Big outbreak at Hull Prison

About 30 inmates and correctional staff at Hull Prison in Gatineau tested positive for COVID-19 over the long weekend.

According to the Quebec government released on Tuesday, 19 prisoners and 13 staff members, including 11 correctional officers, are now infected with the virus at the prison. However, according to the Union of Quebec Correction Agents, only four prisoners and one security guard tested positive for COVID-19 late last week.

“The situation quickly flared up, which is a cause for concern,” said Mathieu Lavois, the union’s national president, who is concerned about the potential options.

Lack of staff

Twenty-two additional staff members, including about fifteen correctional officers, are also being held for prophylactic withdrawal because they are suspected of transmitting the virus, which means that a quarter of the staff’s regular staff are understaffed.

The union is also protesting against the Lego government because it has not received any response or even follow-up to its request to prioritize the vaccination of prison staff.

“There is a lack of staff, our members are exhausted because they are forced to work overtime. “In our industry, we cannot encourage volunteers with the ‘I contribute’ site or close the facility and tell prisoners to return in two weeks,” Mr Lavois sarcastically illustrates.

The Ministry of Public Security told QMI that the regional health directorate had established full cell detention for all detainees since Sunday evening to limit the spread, which “limits staffing needs.”

He added that prison assistance could be provided if necessary to provide assistance to the detention center.

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