Thursday , April 15 2021

Epic v Apple: Valve is forced to file

In the end, Valve will have no choice but to provide various information about its cases in the context of a future lawsuit between Epic and Apple. The owner of Steam opposed Apple’s request to disclose part of its accounts, but Judge Thomas S. Hickson decided otherwise.

Valve will have to provide the court with sales history, prices and other information about 436 games on Steam. While Apple asked to return this information by 2015, the judge set a start in 2017.

Apple wants Valve to disclose this data so that the App Store’s business practices, which Epic considers anti-competitive, can be compared to those of other platforms. Cupertino’s lawyers do not choose Valve by accident: Steam has a dominant position in the market of dematerialized games, but above all, the store has long applied a commission of 30%, identical to the App Store.

It was in December 2018, four days before the launch of the Epic Games Store (which has since confirmed its status as Steam’s biggest competitor), that Valve introduced a more profitable system for large studios, with commissions rising to 25% for games earning more than $ 10 million and $ 20 million. % for those earning more than $ 50 million. Recently, Apple did the opposite, lowering the commission to 15% for publishers with revenue of less than $ 1 million.

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