Thursday , June 24 2021

SpaceX. Piece of rocket crash on a farmer’s field in the USA

Charred wreckage of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket fell two weeks ago on a farmer’s field in Washington, USA. The piece, which broke away from the second stage of the spacecraft, created a crater ten centimeters deep in the ground.

The manufacturer has notified the local sheriff’s office of its discovery over the weekend. He suspected its origins after observing, like other residents, strange light trails in the sky on Thursday evening, March 25, reports Bulletin of the Trinity. It later became known that this was the return of the Falcon 9 rocket to Earth.

Falcon 9 failed to land

This debris ignited when it hit the atmosphere after an incident that occurred during the return to Earth of a SpaceX rocket. Contrary to expectations, the car’s engines did not restart at the right time, and it fell to the ground.

According to him, the piece that fell to the farmer was about 1.5 m Associated Press. This is a pressure tank covered with a layer of composite. His fall did not cause any casualties. Local police contacted SpaceX on Monday, March 29. Ilona Maska’s company confirmed that the garbage did come from his reusable rocket and has since discovered the object.

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