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Sport double impact, driven by a six-cylinder 340 hp


Toyota GR Supra takes over the heritage of Russia sports coupe Japanese brand.

The impact of the 2000GT model is evident especially thanks to long hood, compact case and double roof,

We find the very personal style of the fourth generation Supra in the bow and severely, especially muscular rear wings andRear door spoiler arches,

low height underlined a The central grid is surrounded by large air intakes, excellent optical blocks is home to six diode lenses, which include turn signals and daytime running lights. Their position close to the nose gives the impression that they emphasize the volume and strength of the front wings that look like shells.

In the profile, the low hood draws a dynamic line that extends from the nose to the stern. The foot bends slightly forward.

On the backspoiler arches arch seeks to avoid the phenomenon of recovery. Combined flashlights have a simple inner ring. Fog and reversing lights are grouped in a central LED array, on the basis of a trapezoidal bumper pointing to the wheels.

The Supra style is enhanced by a palette of eight body colors.

cabins Double Toyota GR Supra inspired by single.

The slim, low horizontal dashboard cleans the field of view for greater accuracy in sports driving. Grouping the main commands facilitates the speed of the gestures. The dashboard, center console and door panels form a homogeneous continuous assembly.

Against the left door and the center console, the pockets provide driver support to the driver.

Behind the wheel of the bearing palette of choices and other controls, the main display and counters are facing the driver. The wrapped leather steering wheel with three needles provides an unobstructed view of the 8.8-inch high definition dashboard display: the center is a tachometer and shift indicator, a left-side speedometer and right navigation and multimedia information.

asymmetric center console Clearly notes the separation between the driver's wrapper and the passenger side, which also benefits from knee pads.

Managing climate with memory keys makes setting easier.

8.8-inch multimedia screen all speakers used on the touch screen or with a rotary knob.

Places inspired by the competition. with side pillows Equip the seat and high back with the built-in head restraint. Upholstery is available in all leather or mixed variants (leather for side reinforcements and micro perforated alcantara for seat and backrest).

In the luggage compartment of a double compartment you can place luggage of two weekends.

The removable panel at the bottom of the passenger compartment can accommodate a golf bag or personal belongings that are needed for day driving on the track.

Toyota's sports coupe generation and the first GR model, built by Toyota Gazoo Racing for international markets, Toyota GR Supra adheres to the classic recipe six-cylinder front mounting and rear drive,

Toyota GR Supra benefits from a combination of factors that provide a cocktail of power, agility and precision: short wheelbase, wide tracks, light weight, low center of gravity and ultra-rigid body.

Dynamic behavior Toyota GR Supra benefits from high structural stiffness, from a low center of gravity and also a perfect distribution (50/50) front and rear masses.

The six-cylinder in-line 3.0-liter displacement engine is developing power 340 hp and torque 500 Nm from 1600 rpm The 3.0-liter V6 is equipped double input turbochargerdirect injection and continuous distribution.

Coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission, the turbocharged V6 engine is characterized by smooth and powerful acceleration and a generous couple on all diets.

The first reports take a short transmission number,

in manual modeThe choice is made using the handle of the steering wheel, and the driver can choose from two modes of control – Normal or Sport.

The function of so-called help at departure Run control Provides maximum traction in stopped couplings where 1,495 kg, hour 4.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h,

Sports mode It plays the sound and reaction of the engine, a selection diagram, extinction, steering and an active differential.

In terms of VSC vehicle stability control, a custom parameter "track" reduces the level of system interference to provide the pilot with better control of the dynamic qualities of the car.

Toyota GR Supra has active differential capable of operating both at acceleration and at deceleration, and to modulate the lock from 0 to 100% with instant feedback. It is controlled by a special electronic box that monitors a variety of parameters, including steering, throttle and brake, engine speed and cornering.

In extreme clutch conditions, the differential provides better braking stability, optimal cornering and maximum grip on turns.

pendant consisting of a dual-hinged MacPherson legs at the front and a rear-seat rear seat system. In the front part, the cradle and armor of the weapon were caught up to the maximum to promote the severity of the behavior on the turns. The use of aluminum for articulated armaments and bearings reduces the unreasonable mass.

adaptive variable suspension (AVS) improves performance by reacting to changes in the coating. With sensors that constantly control driving style and road conditions, it adjusts the rigidity of impact for each wheel to maintain a level playing field, excellent steering response and good ride comfort.

The driver can choose between them two modes AVS, Normal or Sport according to traffic conditions.

Normal mode provides a balance between driving and comfort.

Sports mode stabilizes the treatment, reduces the roll and exacerbates the reaction to the steering wheel.

power steeringAt the sports ground an electric motor, mounted on a rack, is used. Its features automatically adapt to speed, reducing the effort required at low speeds and gradually increasing it as the car accelerates to provide superior control.

Sport mode strengthens steering, as well as changes in the chassis and engine.

19-inch forged wheels are fitted with Michelin Pilot Super Sport, a little wider than the rear.

brakes The powerful is equipped with red aluminum Brembo calipers with four pistons opposite the front and the only piston floating in the rear. They compress the ventilated discs 348 x 36 mm in front and 345 x 24 mm in the rear.

The brakes have several functions: standby mode (emergency braking), drier in rainy weather (activates braking on a given interval when the windscreen is running) and preventing the phenomenon of fainting (automatically increases the brake pressure when the disks warm up).

ABS, Emergency Braking System (BA), vehicle stability control (VSC), traction control (TRC), active cornering assistance (ACA) and standard hill assistance.

The Active Turning Assistant (ACA) creates additional risk moves by interfering separately on the brakes to optimize speed and track recording.

Toyota GR Supra built in Graz, Austria.

Toyota GR Supra is for sale with 65,900 euros,

The 340-strong 6-cylinder six-cylinder engine and rear-drive coupe have 19-inch alloy wheels, Brembo sports brakes, active differentials and variable adaptive suspensions. (AVS), Supra Safety plus system and sports seats.

Supra Safety Plus package includes a host of active security features: Pedestrian Advance Collaboration (PCS), Day Cycle Detection, LDA, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Automatic AHB with Adaptive high-pass system (AHS), adaptive front-lighting system (AFS) that controls the light beam at the steering angle and reads the signal signs (RSA).

The car also has a Blind Point Monitor (BSM) with Road Traffic Warning (LDA), Rear Alarm (RCTA), Advance Collision Warning (RCA), and Intelligent Parking Indicators with Auto Brake function to avoid getting caught in an accident. or a vehicle that would come from the side when the coupe returns from the parking space or under the road.

Toyota's sports coupe is also equipped with an alarm system, tire pressure monitoring system and e-Call function, which automatically indicates its position on the emergency service in the event of a serious accident.

The premium package is offered as an option for EUR 2,000.

The first copies of the Toyota sports coupe will be delivered in the summer of 2019.

Prices for Toyota GR Supra:

Toyota GR Supra: EUR 65,900
Toyota GR Supra Premium Pack: € 67,900

Standard equipment Toyota GR Supra:

Toyota GR Supra

19-inch alloy wheels
Brembo sports brakes
Active differential
Variable adaptive suspension (AVS)
Multimedia system with 8.8 inch screen, audio system with 10 speakers and GPS navigation
Supra Connect system (eCall auto-call system, traffic information, weather, online search …)
System Supra Safety plus (automatic braking system, adaptive cruise control, strip off warning, high beam control, BSM monitor, RCTA rear signal)
Sports seats in black alcantara with electric controls

Toyota GR Supra Premium (optional)

Sports seats made of black leather
Audiosystem JBL with 12 speakers
Main display
Induction Charger

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