Saturday , July 31 2021

Systra selected to authenticate the project

Systra Canada services are held to advise Quebec City in designing the tramway and electrification of the public transport network. "We want to authenticate the work done in the office and project, to see if we have seen all the possible solutions," said Quebec mayor Régis Labeaume on Monday.

Systra – a working group that operates in more than 78 countries – has worked in 350 cities and has worked together in the construction of the tramroad in Bordeaux, Nice, Lyon, Washington and Casablanca. The 7 year contract has a value of a maximum of $ 12.5 million. During this time, two experts from the Systra company will be dedicating full time to the project and will join the City of Quebec project office.

Therefore, all government in this project will be completed shortly. The technical advisory committee, led by André Legault, will be announced shortly.

"The steering committee, the support company (led by André Caron) for the office and project and technical advisory committee. Only the project manager is still named , "said Labeaume.

Charging stations

The Capital Transport Network (RTC) will have to make changes as part of the complete electrification project for its network.

"We will study the necessary resources, especially for training teams, an analysis of the maintenance and infrastructure center of the station, which currently does not exist. reviewing all computer systems, "said Chairman of the Company and Vice Chair of the Executive, Rémy Normand.

In April 2018, the Québec government published its sustainable mobility policy by 2030. Last Friday, City Quebec sent the first document to the Ministry of Transport of Quebec, to be the file holder and to authenticate. . "We have provided enough information to distribute between the ministries concerned, whether in the Environment, Infrastructure, etc." "

As part of the implementation of the structuring network, the Norton Rose Fulbright Canada company will provide legal services, which represent $ 375,000.

"The City Litigation Department will work with Norton Rose Fulbright Canada, which is not right for expropriations, there are several aspects to discuss," says Mayor of Quebec.

"Valuable Experience"

In a statement, the general director of Sustainable Transport Access, Etienne Grandmont, welcomed the news about the Systra company.

"The successful company has worked in many cities around the world. It has a valuable experience for Quebec City (…) This is a project that has never been done in Quebec. I'm very excited to use external resources. I am convinced that taxpayers will get value for money, "he said.

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