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Video. Unique: Pen-a-Ben with Rabie Khlie, craftsman Al Boraq, TGV Moroccan

no Mohamed Chakir Alaoui and Abderrahim Et-Tahiry on 05/17/2018 at 13h53 (updated on 17/11/2018 at 14:01)

Cover_Vidéo: • Exclusive: Rabie Khlie: huge projects of the ONCF for 79 billion tirhams

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The head of the National Rail Office is very proud of the LGV. And it can be. A real technological game, AlVora AlVare is also the quizess of Moroccan intelligence. We met with us.

Mohamed Rabie Khlie, Director General of ONCF, had bright eyes when he said yesterday on Friday, in a unique interview with Le360 on LGV board, that the result of the work of men was "realistic" work, "conventional train" or "LGV" all dedicated to the ONCF and their country ".

According to Al Boraq, "almost 90% of the infrastructure work was carried out by Moroccan companies," he said, stating that the ONCF sector strategies are all based on the vision of King Mohammed VI.

In addition to Al Boraq, which will provide 26 daily journeys between Casablanca and Tangiers, through Rabat and Kenitra, the strategy includes rail consolidation – works for trains and cargo goods – between Tangier and Agadir and between Tangier and Oujda. "This is a qualitative hint," said the head of the ONCF.

In terms of the 23,000 billion landhams that Al Boraq needs, Mohamed Rabie Khlie explained that he was in France with 50% of the global budget (grants and loans), the Moroccan state with 5 billion landhams ( 30%) and financial institutions in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait (20%) who formed the financial round.

In terms of the price of the LGV tickets, the general director of the ONCF said that they turned, for one way, about 150 average units of land.

"We have set these affordable prices on the optimization axis, profitability and adapting to the power of buying citizens," said CEO of ONCF, before adding that the launch of commercial services of the LGV in a few days is good "before 1 December ".

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