Friday , July 30 2021

Weather: rain and snow on this Sunday program

Here are weather forecasts for Sunday, November 18, prepared by the National Meteorological Directorate:

– Severe weather with rainfall or moderate stormy showerers and sometimes locally on the north, center, reliefs and Oriental. – The wild air over the northern provinces of the South with some scattered showers. – Discharge on High and Central Atlas relief of 1800 m. – Cold weather on the hills and uplands.

– Potential sand tile on the South East and Oriental.

– Moderate weakness to the southern south of the coasts and flatlands of the Atlantic, and weak to moderate the south to the west mainly in other places. – Lower temperature of 00/05 ° C order on reliefs, from 05/10 ° C to the East and South East and from 11/16 ° C elsewhere in the North, center and Southern speeches. – Maximum order temperature of 04/09 ° C on reliefs, from 10/15 ° C to the east and inner plants, of 15/20 ° C on the Saiss, southeast, and, the Atlantic, Souss and close to the coast and 21/26 ° C elsewhere on the southern provinces. – The sea is rough and stimulating on the Mediterranean Sea, provokes strongly on the Detroit, strongly strong between Tangier and Tan Tan, and has spread elsewhere.

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