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Orange diary number 21: favorite of bookmakers, all cards disappeared


June 30, 2019
This is the day after the orange lion, and this was a restoration of the historic victory against Italy, which reached the place in the semi-finals of the World Cup and provided a start-up ticket for the Olympic Games. Sweden waits for Wednesday, and therefore the look immediately went forward. On Lyon, without yellow cards in his pocket and with confidence in bookmaking offices.

Journey to Lyon
It was today after the victory against Italy, so the Dutch have calmed down. A trip was planned for the selection. This morning the team left Valenciennes to make a trip to Lyon. On Wednesday, the semi-final will play against Sweden. A difficult journey, because both French cities are 680 kilometers away.

Question by Van de Sandane
On Saturday, the game of Shanis van de Sanden was also lower than Italy. Sarina Wigman led the player to the outside of the second half. "I think it's hard for her," said the national team coach. "Shanice recently discovered (with two assistants in the Champions League final, ed.) That she can give great assistents and make goals. Now the question is whether Wigman can also choose Van de Sanden v. Sweden or will allow Linet Beynershtein to start There will undoubtedly be a criminal case.

Orange favorite from bookmakers
On the eve of such an important semifinals in the Netherlands, as a supporter, you try to keep everything when it comes to a successful outcome. Bookmakers predict that a good result will come for Orange. For example, the Toto bid will pay 2.25 times its bid if the Orange team wins. With a win in Sweden, it's 3.20 and therefore much higher.

Forgiven cards
Anuk Dekker and Jill Roord can play freely in the semi-final against Sweden without fear of passing a possible finale due to a pause. Both players have taken a yellow card earlier in this tournament, but cards from the group stage, the eighth finals and the quarterfinals are canceled in all countries in the semifinals. Thus, the parking brake can be released in the evening on Wednesday.

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