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Dillian Whyte recommends heavyweight British support Joseph Parker to leave back

Joseph Parker's global heavyweightweight boxing validity has received approval from the man who sent him down the sites earlier this year.

Dillian Whyte, who scored the winner of controversial points for Parker in London in July to take himself into the world title talk, is Parcer alone being a hot advantage at the top of the ranks heavy weight.

And, in fact, Whyte is equally equal to anyone to assess the chances of New Zealand working its way back to the end of the heavyweight business point. He enjoyed very much as football was run early in their fights and then he had to resist to be placed on the canvas in the 12th round as Parker fought a tough back the O2 Arena.

Whyte – known as The Undertaker & # 39; – had an attack on December 22 against his Brit Dereck Chisora ​​team, hoping he will step by step to Anthony Joshua's world titles in April next year, while Parker starts his campaign to recover the lost land with Secondly defeat when taking American-Mexican Alexander Flores in Christchurch on December 15.

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"It was a hard performance, it was dangerous," said Whyte at the podcast Social Boxing looking back at the Parker battle in an interview from Manchester after Tony Bellew clicked Oleksandr Usyk. "But when you fight men like this, you must take them down, man, you must pull them and beat, and remove from their strength.

"In that fight I had broken a ribbon that broke and chest infection, but I'm not one about making excuses. We could have pulled out of the fight and let everyone down. But I did not. "

Whyte went to bats to the 26-year-old Aucklander who is alone, can make another surge in the heavyweight jostle at the top of his sport.

"Parker was good," said Whyte Social Boxing during a long interview. "People write Parker away but that's a big mistake. This man is fighting (Flores), an unprecedented man (he's lost once) … he'll get out .

Dillian Whyte says he has respect for Joseph Parker of Kiwi's pressure after fighting in July.


Dillian Whyte says he has respect for Joseph Parker of Kiwi's pressure after fighting in July.

"Parker is a good fighter. I'm not excited, trust me. And it's hard, because [after] The piles I've put down, I got up and shake them so they did not and I'm too heavy. "

Whyte admitted that she was probably only an experience outside her final in July after Parker put her down for the second time only in her career. He took the eight stable counts and managed to survive the bell to secure a unanimous decision.

"The first time (I was taken down by Joshua) I tried to relax when I was hurt. This time I started my words. Do not do it, my friend , take the knee, get the count, restore your bearings, go back and fight on it And that's what I did.

"Life is about progression and I'm moving on. If I still do the same mistake over and over, what is the point? There are really mistakes, so long and you learn from them. "

Dillian Whyte says Joseph Parker is difficult. And he went up and shaken my light so they did not.


Dillian Whyte says Joseph Parker is difficult. And he went up and shaken my light so they did not.

Since the controversial fight of O2 both fighting has led to different directions. Whyte is being mitigated for a profitable blow in Joshua, probably in April, as long as he has passed past Chisora, while Parker has been crushed to find For objectors to enable it to rebuild its reputation.

"At the moment the only thing on my radar is December 22 (against Chisora ​​back in the O2," he said Social Boxing. "After that, we will see. Joshua is a struggle I definitely want. I'm getting better, I'm still climbing and I do not care. If not & The agreement is fine, the terms are not right and the battle is not right, we would not get it. If everything is good and we're ready then we get it. "

Whyte also pressed the conflicts anticipated by Tyson Fury against the American champions of the Deveny Wilder CBS on December 1 in Los Angeles.

"You have to give Tyson Fury credit. Unlike Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury is not overwhelming. He's been out three years ago, has come back and fights two pumpkins and has stepped up and fighting is definitely a pound for the pound of the heavyweight No. 1 in the wold … that's what Wilder calls him anyway anyway.

"Wilder is a prey, he is not eager to fight anyone. Everyone believes Fury. I hope he's beat Wilder, then he will come to England for a great fight. I'm a great fighting. "

Whyte admitted that Wilder was "smart money" but said that Fury could not be discounted. "It's a bit scary, it can show on the night and be awful, or it seems at night and good. I do not even think that he knows what he does. "

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