Saturday , July 31 2021

Facebook users came down after a social media site crashed

The #htacebook facebookDown hashtag started accelerating around the world, appearing in thousands of dweets.

The Wired audience development manager, site and social media explanation was less than Alex Whitcomb.

"Something of his place" must be the most boring thing that Facebook could say about his news, "Mr Whitcomb wrote on Twitter.

Some users who have locked up began to prepare for the future.

"We're through the glass look here!" Tim Hatfield tweeted Sydney.

"Hold your loved ones closing".

Meanwhile, turning officials from the Richland Country Sherriff Department in Colorado And Simpsons to convey their point, giving Homer Simpson a gif walking down the street wearing a placard that reads the end close.

Other users welcomed a break from the site, with one tweeting it could be "time to go back to lol".

Users did not have to wait long for the site to be in place again, with news feeds being revived without failing late Sunday afternoon.

The case behind the accident has not yet been disclosed publicly. Facebook was contacted for comments.

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