Tuesday , June 15 2021

Rebel Wilson loses a claim to keep the most paid for defamation

SYDNEY (AP) – Rebel Wilson said she was proud she had stood up to "bully" despite losing his application on Friday to keep most of the record payment and in her case she was awarded defamation against the Australian magazine.

The actor had accused last year's Woman's magazine over a series of articles in 2015 and said he had been painted as someone who had said his name, age and real childhood to do it in Hollywood.

The Supreme Victoria Court awarded its Australian payment of $ 3.4 million ($ 4.7 million AUD) after a jury came to the conclusion that she had lost out on film roles due to the articles. Wilson had tried $ 5 million ($ 7 million AUD) in compensation.

But in June, the 90 percent decreased after the magazine publishers, Bauer Media, appealed. The Victoria Appeal Court stated that Wilson was unable to lose economic loss, or would have lost film contracts as a result of the articles. The court ordered the actor to pay almost $ 3 million ($ 4.1 million AUD), and 80 percent of Bauer legal costs.

Wilson's lawyers on Friday made a claim to appeal against the fall in the High Court – the highest judicial body of Australia – but the application was dismissed.

"In our opinion, there are not enough opportunities that an appeal will succeed," said Virginia Bell Justice at the court in the national capital, Canberra.

The publisher welcomed the decision magazine. "Bauer Media is invested in its Australian business now more than ever," said Bauer chief executive, Paul Dykzeul, in a statement. "Our audience trusts us and their authors, and they love our iconic brands such as Women's and Women's Weekly".

Wilson, who was sitting in the front row of the public gallery during the short hearing, said outside the court was that the process was over.

"This has been a long fight and a long journey in the courts, but the great thing about today is to bring it to an end," he told reporters.

"The reason to bring this case is that I want to stand up to a bully, Bauer Media."

Wilson said she was proud of herself for "seeing it right for the bitter end," and she was pleased that the initial jury had "restored my reputation. "

"There was some special compensation right now and for me it never involved in the money, it was about standing up to bully and I've done it."

Wilson is an indigenous Australian best known for his Hollywood roles in the "Perfect Pitch" and "Bridesmaids" films.

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