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Advocates the extension of infection control measures in Stavanger until February 8

The mayor of Stavanger is in favor of continuing the fight against infection in Stavanger until February 8. The president will decide on the proposal at an extraordinary meeting on Monday.

Per Christian Municipal Mayor Wareide in Stavanger. Photo: Paul Christensen

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Modern measures to control the infection are applied until the end of January 18. A meeting of the president will be held in Stavanger on Monday, where the mayor of Peer Christian Wareide is in favor of continuing the same events.

The regulations, which expire on Monday, apply to the municipalities of Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola and Randaberg. There is reason to believe that all four municipalities will also work together to expand local regulations.

– It is not justified to promote measures

– Despite extensive measures to control the infection, the municipalities of North Eren still experience a very high level of infection. There are some indications for stabilizing the level of infection at a high level, but so far there are no signs of improvement and the numbers fluctuate greatly from day to day. Facilitation cannot be justified until the municipality sees a significant one
improving infectious pressure.

– Therefore the municipal director asks Stavanger’s presidency to accept the new resolution which prolongs actions of fight against an infection till February 8. The ease of action is assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure proportionality. Due to uncertainty about the continuation of some national measures, these national reinforcements, which were in force in early January, were included in the proposed local rules. Intersecting provisions may be issued at a later date if the government extends them, according to the president’s case file.

Can be adapted by the mayor

It will also be announced on Monday which national events will be continued. Erna Solberg will address the Storting at 12.00, followed by a press conference on the event.

The proposed resolution states that the Stavanger presidency is asking the municipal director to propose the necessary adaptations as soon as the national infection control measures are clarified. The adjustment is approved by Mayor Kari Nesa Nordtun.

It is also suggested that the chairperson ask the municipal director to monitor the infection situation in terms of the need for measures, medical justification and proportionality, and to propose adjustments quickly if the grounds for the measures change. Facilitation of measures can be taken by the mayor.

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New national coronation events take place on Monday

Here are the local regulations, according to which on Monday they are asked to take the position of the president:

§ 1 Purpose

The purpose of these rules is to prevent or limit the spread of SARS CoV-2 during periods of increased infection.

§ 2 Scope

The rules apply in the municipality of Stavanger.

§ 3 Definition

The following expressions in the rules are understood here:
and. Organizer: the person responsible for holding the meeting or event

b. Event: The definition of an event in § 13 of the covid-19 Regulation is used as the basis for these provisions

in. Private fees: definition of private fees in the covid-19 rules

Section 13 is the basis for these rules

d. Public place: a place intended for ordinary traffic, or a place where the public travels
e. The highest sports: The modern definition of the municipality of Stavanger is the highest sport is the basis of these rules

f. Leisure activities: activities related to leisure and hobbies that are not covered by the term sport, the best sports or the term event in the covid-19 rules

d. Distance requirements: current national rules and guidelines for distance based on infection control in connection with the covid-19 pandemic, or local rules and guidelines when they deviate from national

Public institutions: Public and private facilities for training, sports and physical activity, such as gyms, swimming pools, skating rinks, climbers, fitness centers, hotel pools, spas, etc.

i. Restaurants: Restaurants that are required to have a service license under the Service Act

§ 4 Recommendation on the use of public transport

It is recommended to avoid using public transport.

§ 5 Recommendation to avoid travel

It is recommended to avoid unnecessary trips home and abroad.

§ 6 Order on face masks

Be sure to wear a face mask in a public place when it is impossible to meet the distance requirements. For companies with personal contacts, the guidelines of the Norwegian Directorate of Health apply.

It is mandatory to use a face mask in public transport and in a taxi when it is impossible to meet the requirements for distance. This also applies to closed station areas.

It is mandatory to use a face mask for all elderly visitors and nursing homes. The nursing home or nursing home may, after a specific assessment, make an exception for ordering the use of a bandage for visitors of seriously ill or dying patients while in the patient’s room.

The prohibitions provided for in the first, second and third paragraphs shall not apply to children under the age of 12 or persons who, for medical reasons, cannot wear face masks. Children under 2 years of age should never wear a face mask.

§ 7 Recommendation to avoid visits

It is recommended to avoid guests in private houses, cottages, etc. This also applies to public places in condominiums and housing associations, where individuals have the right to use.

The recommendation does not apply to necessary home services or visits to the seriously ill or dying.

Single people can visit or visit one or two regular friends or a permanent household.

Children in kindergartens and primary schools can be attended by their own cohort.

§ 8 Restrictions on visits to nursing homes and the elderly

Hours of visiting the homes for the elderly and homes for the elderly are limited to the period from 17.00-19.00.

The number of visitors per capita is limited to 1-2 permanent residents. After a specific assessment, a retirement or nursing home may make an exception to limit the number of seriously ill or deceased patients visiting the patient’s room.

§ 9 Order on a limited number of customers in shops, malls, libraries, museums, galleries and
town hall

Shops, shopping malls, libraries, museums, galleries, town halls, etc., must ensure that there are no more people in the room than can be left at a distance of one meter. If necessary, there should be security guards who ensure compliance.

For companies that have private contact in shopping malls, etc., the Norwegian Health Administration applies

§ 10 Recommendation on the use of the home office

It is recommended that employers encourage workers to work from home as much as possible.

The employer is responsible for assessing whether it is practically possible to perform work in the home office.

§ 11 Prohibition of sports and leisure

It is forbidden to arrange or participate in organized sports and entertainment events indoors for all age groups.

It is forbidden to arrange or participate in outdoor sports and entertainment events for all age groups in groups of more than 10 people. Even if the number of participants does not exceed 10, it is forbidden to organize or participate in sports and entertainment events when the distance requirements are not met. If several groups of up to 10 people carry out such activities at the same time in the same place, there should be no contact between the groups.

It is forbidden to arrange or participate in matches, congresses, sporting events, etc. for all
age groups. The prohibition in the first, second and third paragraphs does not apply to the leading sports, if there is a separate protocol to fight infection
adhere to the highest sports.

Training in sports facilities during the day is allowed.

§ 12 Order to close the business

The following enterprises will be closed:

and. Bingo halls, game halls, bowling alleys, billiard halls, etc.

b. Entertainment facilities, playgrounds, water parks, etc.

in. Public facilities for training, sports and physical activity

However, such activities in public institutions for training, sports and physical activity, cf. The letter c is allowed:

Legal activity in accordance with section 11, fourth and fifth paragraphs of these rules

Medical services in the form of rehabilitation, rehabilitation and other treatment are needed in Russia
under the auspices of the health service

§ 13 Prohibition of private gatherings in public places, in borrowed or rented premises

It is forbidden to hold private meetings or participate in them in a public place or in borrowed or rented premises with the presence of more than 5 participants.

§ 14 Prohibition / prohibitions on activities

It is forbidden to arrange or participate in events indoors with the simultaneous presence of more than 10 participants. The ban does not apply to events in a room with fixed seats, which can be attended by up to 20 participants at a time.

It is prohibited to arrange or participate in outdoor activities with the simultaneous presence of more than 20 participants. The ban does not apply to outdoor events with fixed seats, which can be attended by up to 200 participants at a time.

The prohibition in the first paragraph does not apply during a funeral ceremony / funeral, where it is allowed at the same time with the presence of up to 50 participants. The 50-person limit also applies where everyone is seated.

Even if the number of participants does not exceed the number allowed in the first, second and third paragraphs, it is prohibited to arrange and participate in events in places where participants cannot meet the distance requirements.

The staff, volunteers and performers responsible for the activities are not included in the number of people who may be present.

Otherwise, the provisions of Convention-19 §§ 13a – 13d apply to the implementation of measures.

§ 15 Obligation to report events

The event organizer with more than 10 participants must send a notice to the municipality of Stavanger. The message is sent through an electronic notification system and contains information defined by the municipality of Stavanger. The notification must be sent no later than 5 days before the event.

§ 16 Prohibition / order in restaurants

Restaurants licensed under the Alcohol Act, Chapters 4 and 5, are not permitted to serve alcohol.

Restaurants do not allow private meetings, which can accommodate more than 5 people.

Restaurants must register all guests. The registration must contain only the name of the guests, telephone number, date and time of visit. The information must be stored for 10 days. The information should only be used to detect covid-19 infection. Restaurants must inform guests that such information is recorded and stored for 10 days, as well as the purpose.

The restaurant processes information in accordance with the Personal Data Act, the Privacy Policy and the rules in general.

The registration requirement in the second paragraph only applies to guests who have a place in the restaurant.

Restaurants must ensure that there is a distance of at least 1 meter between the seats for people who are not permanently in the same household.

Restaurants should ensure that the volume of music is maintained at a level that allows conversations at a distance of at least 1 meter for people who are not in the same household.

§ 17 Liability

The municipality of Stavanger is not financially responsible as a result of the measures taken.

§ 18 Punishment

Violations of these rules or decisions taken in accordance with these provisions shall be punishable in accordance with
rules covid-19 § 19. Violation of § 4, § 5, § 7 and § 10 of these rules is not punishable.
§ 19 Entry into force, duration and repeal of other regulations

The Regulation shall enter into force on 19.01.2021 at 00.00, and shall apply until 08.02.2021 at 24.00.

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