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An unedited photo of Chloe Kardashian’s bikini is lost

“Not far behind Kardashian” star Chloe Kardashian (36) has been attracting the attention of fans with her appearance for many years. Not only because many people consider her beautiful, but also because she has a reputation as the editor of the photos she publishes.

Chloe has shared her photos several times, where fans and critics believe that she is completely unrecognizable, and therefore it was highly speculated whether she fell under the knife.

However, now it is an unedited image, which has attracted a lot of attention.

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“Chloe looks beautiful”

This weekend, a picture of the reality star appeared in a bikini with a leopard pattern, which looks, apparently, unedited. Therefore, this image is very different from those who usually see the world, and it was quickly spread on many social networking platforms.

According to PageSix, the photo is real and shows a page of a 36-year-old boy, except for relatives, which he rarely sees.

As a result, Kardashian’s team has made every effort to remove images from the Internet in recent days, and several copies have been removed following legal threats from the PR team.

They believe that this is a copyright infringement because it should be published without the permission of the star.

Reacts: - Do not lick my ass

Reacts: – Do not lick my ass

“The color image was taken by Khloé during a private family gathering and posted on social media by mistake without an assistant assistant,” said Tracy Romulus, marketing manager at KKW Brands.

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The crew of the media

Thus, Norwegians can save 4.25 billion Norwegian kroner in interest

Thus, Norwegians can save 4.25 billion Norwegian kroner in interest

“Khloé looks beautiful, but the copyright owner has the right to delete an image that was not planned to be published,” he adds.

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Get support

The picture, not quite unexpectedly, made fans flock to different fields of comments on social networks. Many believe that the 36-year-old looks better than usual.

“Chloe is already beautiful, it makes me so angry. Why does she need to edit so much?”, – wrote the one who published the picture. Twitter.

Does it confirm reunification here?

Does it confirm reunification here?

‘She really looks normal! There is nothing wrong with this picture, “says one user.

“It looks better unedited,” wrote another.

“The best picture I’ve ever seen. Relax, Chloe, ”says the third.

The 36-year-old was still silent about the leak.

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A storm of criticism

As already mentioned, this is not the first time that Kardashian draws attention to his appearance. She recently received rave reviews for a promotional video. Some thought that, in particular, Chloe’s lips and nose looked completely different than before, according to Pop Culture.

“Chloe Kardashian changes her face every 2.5 months, and I’m always amazed that she shows her new update,” she said. Twitter user.

- This is not Photoshop

– This is not Photoshop

“She no longer looks like herself, but that is probably the goal,” wrote another.

Chloe’s promotional video appeared shortly after she starred in an ad for her own clothing brand, Good American. However, later, first of all, some parts of Chloe’s body were given space.

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“Don’t worry! I don’t have surprisingly long fingers. Here’s a lens! I can’t believe I even have to write this on Twitter, my old and normal hands are still intact. No, I haven’t had finger extension surgery, and no, this is not a “photoshop error”, – wrote the reality star Twitter.

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