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"Farm" – Winning "Torped" – promises pledges

SEEERS WOMAN: Sølvi Monsen released the jubilee. T.h: Charlie Stuart, who became two in
SEEERS WOMAN: Sølvi Monsen released the jubilee. T.h: Charlie Stuart, who became two in "Torpet", who took the bull. Photo: Birgitte Thorshaug Kristiansen / TV 2


Sølvi Monsen (55) Charlie Stuart (32) broke to Lasse Bergseter (51) – securing new winners opportunities in the "Farmen".

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After a nervous final in the form of information competition, Sølvi could release the jubilee. The episode was shown on 2 Sumo TV. 18 tonight morning.

– I'll be back when I arrive! Yes, she said to joy when she was clearly she had won.

– Fi He said We'll return again! Hell. Dial. Time repayment! Hey, this one was cold. Oh Dang.

Throughout the "Farms" stay, the vocabulary has been resolved in Finnmarkingen. The closest to the final "Torped"

"I usually do not bind as much as" Farm ", but when I'm engaged or torn, there are some juice words, it's explained to VG.

She is very proud to admit that Charlie and Lasse's feels feel tasty.

"I looked at them as strong competitors, so to win over it was great. Both of them are nice and I had a great time with them in" Torpet ".

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Lasse won six points in the competition for ten questions, Charlie had seven – and Sølvi was hit in eight points.

"Guess if another Sølvi Monsen comes in than she came out," said Sølvi in ​​the episode, and, with a decision, she was going back to Farm Farm.

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"Now there is a pregnant Finnmarking, which will make a way in the vellinga, and has secrets to the nap that she can use or misuse. And I will do everything, appreciate Sølvi for the television camera.

Roman in secret

With that, Sølvi meant that she was right before she left the farm, and she was surprised at her ear Tonje Frøystad Garvik (29) that she and Lene Sleperud (29) lovers. He has kept the couple hidden from others.

"The plan was to use this secret as Tonje told me to make me a ticket for the final. Tonje and Lene played a very good game, that they managed to continue for a long time, striking, says Sølvi to VG.

She is not bitter about being led behind the light.

"There's a game and everyone wants to play for as long as possible. Tonje and Lene are very nice people and we're good friends today, it's getting it.

Brought you up? "They played on Kjetil's feelings

Sølvi does not have the pleasure of using the secret. When participants learned Sunday that before a competitor would return to the farm after winning the "Torped", he decided to drink the rest of the competitors – Sølvi would only resume and blow in fear secret before she got even.

Lene i VG: – It could be completely falling in love with a boy

Lasse Bergseter, who has created a fake on the "Farm" in 2016, which was a "Torpet" of the first start but hit the finish line.

"This is when Northug re – I got a bit special and bitter," he told VG.

– Of course, she was very boring. I sat there for eight weeks and it was so close.

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Less low

If he had gone to Farm Farm, the scheme appeared in a little more "Lasse style". In the "Torped" it was softer than the TV show seen two years ago.

"I had promised my dear not to be beaten so. She and my headteacher did not have to do TV twice in a row, she laughed.

"But his Finnmark came to destroy the plan. In either way, it was a experience.

– Is there more "Farming" after this?

– Yes, he must be "famous Farms" then. But I'm not quite there. However, one should never say. When I see the people there, I realized that there was a trial too, Lasse cheered.

Turned out

Irene Halle (35), who smoked out of the farm on Sunday night, he finished in a new game on the "Torped". Then she has to compete with Charlie in the "nails", which means remembering and handling three flash.

However, she went on a scented smell and copied everything in a mirror. When the final defeat was a fact, he fell into tears, writing

Irene about the "Farms" competitors: – Feeling being bullied and deceived in my back

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