Friday , July 30 2021

Henriksen won a girl during the international match

Norway is ready for final play and level B in the League of Nations after a victory against Cyprus.

But every player did not have time to celebrate. Because Markus Henriksen played against Cyprus in Nicosia, a high-grade woman was sitting at home in Trondheim.

Henriksen hoped for the longest birth, but after the game he received the welcoming message to become a father for the third time.

Reach the mobile after the battle and the message was received

However, he was not aware immediately after the game. Then the phone was extinguished and took the time to chat with TV 2.

"Now, I just turn over the phone, but I'll do it right away when I go into the wardrobe. Then we'll see what's happening. I believe that something happens very soon.

– Do you travel home at a time?

"There will be no party to me, I will fly for three o'clock with night and night. I must go home to get the plane, and then I hope and cross my fingers because I & # 39; n finish my birth.

However, he did not, because when Henriksen reached the phone in the wardrobe, the message was that he had a girl.

"She's got there now, Henriksen shouted exotic on TV 2 while hiding with the cousin.

It was a long time of uncertain whether Henriksen would play the fight against Cyprus only because of this situation.

"This is my wife and headteacher and if something happens, I will follow the orders I received. I have an interest in playing the games, and she is in Trondheim with a lot from a family present to help. We have not
has set a plan, but hopefully it will happen when the collection ends, told the TV 2 before the weekend.

The 26-year-old said he was very excited, but now he had better control over his nerves than he had for the first time.

"It's a miracle to be a dad again, and I probably have emphasized more for the first time. This is the third for us, and I and my wife more of peace or the first time, the profile of the national team said.

"Finally, we succeed when we have to

Henriksen is one of the most trusted men of Lars Lagerbäck who played a solid game on central central Norway.

Television 2, Jesper Mathisen, ranked 5 on the post after the game exchange, but still highlights the fierce competition in the middle field.

"It will be exciting to see what Lagerbäck is doing in mid-central in 2019. Sander Berge is too good to sit on the bench, and if one goes away from central center, he must be in Henriksen.

Henriksen himself was pleased that the team realized the end when it was true.

"We're very proud. Finally, we're successful when we have to. It's been a lot of the last few years, so there's a good mood in the closet now.

"The battle is not incredible, but today we just meant something we won and more than Bulgaria.

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