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Lighting, helmet and curfew: Worldwide, local politicians come across electric bikes


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They are cheap, easy to use and can be parked anywhere. Electric scooters have become commonplace in big cities and are offered by rental companies around the world.

At the international level, "Bird and Lime" are the two largest players. Both companies are from California and valued at about $ 17 billion, reports Bloomberg.

In Norway, a bike with an electric park is defined as a bike from 2018 and can be used both on the road and on the sidewalk. Therefore, municipalities can not independently regulate electric parks.

Many cities enhance their use

As a result of injuries and complaints, authorities in several countries have decided to restrict the use of electric scooters.

The Washington-based US capital is developing a bill that, among other things, determines where bikes can be parked, reduces speed limits, and prohibits the use of night time, writes The Washington Post.

Other American cities, such as Nashville, have decided to ban vehicles after a 26-year-old died in road accidents. According to Consumer Reports, there are more than 1500 bicycle park damage registered in the United States, including four confirmed deaths.

Nashville is just one of many cities that have decided to strengthen the use of bicycles:

– You can not liberalize the blind

The proposal for the MDGs to provide municipalities with traffic control authority was not accepted by the Transport Committee at Stording.

The executor of the City Transport Council in Oslo, Arild Hermstad, previously stated that they are in dialogue with all the companies that offer scooters and send out guidelines, but they want the rules.

– We believe that it's wrong to pretend that bikes with an electric park are the same as a bike, says Hermist.

In addition to the fact that city officials of the environmental agency of the city remove incorrectly parked bicycles, this is limited to what the municipality can do, in addition to encouraging cyclists to be "good".

At the moment, there is a small damage statistics for new electric vehicles. In May, the Oslo University Hospital reported that roughly the percentage of all recorded injury injuries in Oslo in April and May was due to accidents involving electric bicycles.

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Most head injuries and wounds

Samples of injuries, on the other hand, seem to be similar throughout the world – a recent study in the United States analyzed 990 bicycle-related injuries and concluded that head injuries and injuries were the most widespread.

Earlier, Aftenposten stated that there is currently no assessment of Norwegian rules for the use of electric bicycle bikes. This is confirmed by Kurt Ottessen at the Automotive Bureau of the Veedecke Department responsible for preparing technical requirements for such bikes.

Oslo can be bathed with an electric park. Anyone can rent a bike.

It can be expensive if you ride someone with an electric bike

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