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Price of cooking: – Astrid had to learn cooking when she was living alone for a whole year in a Swedish seat

– This is a great honor!

Astrid Regine Nässlander was more than astonished to win the chef's price during the Annual Annual Annual Food award tonight.

– This is great! It came to me to nominate at all very soon – and I have not dreamed of winning this award, he told Dagbladet.

We have a chat with Nässlander before the classification, as she was one of those who knew the results in her own class in advance so that she could go on the trip – but she is also surprised and honored her.

That may not be nice. It was far from a course that she was a chef. And she is not addicted or official.

– Hehe … No, not yet. I've done a lot of things. But most of the time, I have two years at the university in Denmark where I studied nursery and soil. Yes, and I've learned a lot of living in a seat in Sweden all just for a year.

Stay alone in Swedish seats for a year

Although the trade certificate has not taken, Nässlander is responsible for the food at the Børge Ousland adventure hotel, Manshausen, who invites her to her husband , Jesper Nässlander.

The Manshausen Hotel is located in Steigen in Nordland, and is renowned for its spectacular location, simple but delicious design – and finally the good food of Nässlander is proud of the local produce .

This road has not been straightforward.

"The trigger has always been there for the taste, but also for the quality of raw materials and animal welfare, but there is no doubt that the last two years at Manshausen have largely defined me as a chef.

– What has helped you become the chef you are today?

– Traveling in the Copenhagen food mecca and the journey to values ​​that came stronger for every meal I did on the wooden stove in Värmland.

Perhaps it's not so strange she may know she spell simple but delicious meals. As far as possible, she is using a local product, or is mostly Norwegian ingredients – it's just a rare occasion to go abroad to lift ingredients .

According to the jury member, Heidi Bjerkan, chef and owner of Credo and Vippa, just one of the reasons that ended up at Nässlander was the local association and a kitchen presence.

"This year there was a lot that could win, but Nässlander is in every way a rewarding winner," said Heidi Bjerkan, chef and owner of Credo and Vippa.

She claims that Nässlander takes the region food in an exemplar way when we ask her why Nässlander deserved the Kokkeprisen prize.

Grow out of seat

Nässlander is a Viking citizen. The father is Danish, the mother comes from North Norway and has a grandparent in Swedish. She has lived in all three countries, but most are in Denmark. Two years ago he moved to northern Norway.

– How did you end on the oldest, lower island?

"Jesper, my cooler of a height of 210 cm, had moved to me in the shower, it was in the winter, the cabin was too low to stand upright and we did not have a job. Manshausen had posted an advertisement that was not They had people on Facebook. It was exciting, so we contacted Børge Ousland.

Three weeks later, they went up to the old Volvo Nässlanders, and now the couple have been there for two years. They are on their way into a third – and more can be.

– Where do your guests come from?

"There are a lot of Norwegians, but there are also many visitors from abroad. They first come to see the architecture in Manshausen. In fact, only the food I serve is a bonus.

– How do you reach Manshausen?

– Go to Fodø and take the quick and fast boats for Nordskot for one and a half hours. Then I and Jesper come and take you on the dock!

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