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Review: MGP 2021 – “Never been with them”

Andreas Hockeland, nicknamed Tiks, has given up the pig over the past year and will appear to be an adult. Okay, but does he manage to enter the MGP arena?

Absolutely not, according to reviewer Dagbladet, who believes that Tix has a long way to go to most modern pop artists. His trust is closer to the Paradise Hotel than to Judge Idol, as he is also known.

Keiino returns to MGP as an even better and more mature version of yourself. Like Tix, the popjoik trio also made it directly to the Norwegian MGP final on February 20th.

Earlier this week NRK came out with six directly qualified artists; Tix, Keeino, Stavangerkameratene, Alexander Rein, Kaja Rode and Atle Pettersen, as well as four who will compete for one place in the final on Saturday.

Below you can read what the Dagbladet reviewer thinks of the six MGP artists on Saturday based on listening – without visual aids.

HUFF DA: Andreas Hockeland (Tix) is not impressive in MGP.  Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK
O GOD: Andreas Hockeland (Tix) is not impressive in MGP. Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK
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ADVICE: “Out of the Dark” (pre-selected for the final)
Text and melody: Andreas Hockeland

He who is allowed to live, Old. Andreas Hockeland is older, 27 years old. He has already reacted to the fact that Ruse’s songs have become too long. My God, despite the fact that he was standing in the wind for such verbal and musical garbage.

The man who receives Stean “Staysman” Thorbjørnsen is trying to grow up to become a sober stylist. And this is a more mature Tiks, which we see in the ballad “Out of Darkness”, which he sings and wrote himself.

But that doesn’t mean that he also succeeds – at least artistically. He is many miles away from a number of reliable male and female artists of his generation.

He sings about woman: about sorrow and light, tears and loss. Okay, the theme is known to pop. But Tix stumbles upon a cliché, and the tune hangs around his neck like a lottery ticket. This one gets to the finals for a reason: Tix has a direct qualification, but he should never have been there with such a helpless song. I’ll take Tix’s bandage on the broken glass bed with glasses if he wins the MGP final.

FINALLY READY: The Keiino Trio is a pop joke as a trademark.  Photo: Peder Carlsen / NRK
FINALS READY: Trio Keiino is a trademark of popjoik. Photo: Peder Carlsen / NRK
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Keino: “Monument” (pre-selected for the final)
Text / melody: Tom Hugo Hermansen, Alexander Nayborg Olsson, Fred Boulogne, Alexandra Rotan and Rüdiger Schramm

Two years ago Keino was involved in “Spirit in Heaven,” and I must admit that I did not see his commercial qualities. The combination of pop and joystick impressed, and Keino received the most viewers’ votes in the 2019 MGP European final.

Keino returned almost the same as in “Spirit in Heaven,” but still something else. The combination of yo-yo and pop seems more integrated, perhaps because their two-year hit paved the way for the “genre”.

With the “Monument” the trio seems more mature and more confidently rooted in a slightly strange pop’n’joik hybrid. The “monument” may not be as immediate as its predecessor, but it captures much more.

The song moves, mysterious and dreamy with crystal clear female vocals. Here, Keiono demonstrates the pride, strength and greatness that can give them a ticket to the final in May in the Netherlands.

ENTERTAINED ON EARTH: Jorn Lande has spent his life pushing the vocal cords best since the hard and metallic year.  Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK
ENTERTAINMENT IN COUNTRIES: Throughout his life, Jorn Lande has pressed the vocal cords best since the hard and metallic year. Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK
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Jorn: “Bloody Faith Faith”
Text / melody: Ege Stan Nielsen, Jorn Lande, Eirik Renton, Kel Ege Carlsen

Metal vocalist Jorne Lande’s “Bloody Faith” is a classic heavy rocker with sharp edges and belongs to this bowl of mixed music drops, like MGP. Jorn Lande (52) is a trotter and famous vocalist in the Norwegian and international context of heavy rock and metal.

Everyone heard Jorn sings, guaranteed, because that’s the voice we hear in the 1994 football song Alt for Norge.

“Bloody Faith Faith” it’s a steep and hard heavy stone, more TNT than Wig Wam if you will. It’s “worse” and less “popular and melodic” than “In My Dreams” like Åge Sten Nilsen and singing. represented Norway in Ukraine in 2005.

Jorn has a hero great voice and long-haired broad-legged rock definitely saw the MGP finale. He is from the country, but lives in the city – and a tough “metal man”.

CARRIE LACHERT: Beat Lech has a lot of talent - and she wears different music scenes, also MGP.  Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK
CARRIE LACHERT: Bit Lech has a lot of talent – and she wears different music scenes, also MGP. Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK
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Bessie Bell: “Game with fire”
Text / melody: Bit Lech

Bessie Bell, or Beate Lech (46), as she is called, is a famous vocalist, artist, songwriter and producer. She has a large international audience and has collaborated with world stars such as Jamie Callum, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Joshua Redman and Jarl Bernhoft.

“Game with fire” – is an ornament that rests and sparkles in the throat. The song is boring and irritating, like minimalist pop with equal doses of R’n’B and electronics.

It’s funny fresh and modern, but also timeless. “Playing with Fire” is very much one of the common denominators for the artist Bidi Bell.

Bit Lech is one a well-grown, versatile and mature artist, and this can be heard in this playful, wonderful and cheerful helium balloon, which rises into the air well with the help of her soft voice.

INFLATED ?: The drum mafia knows its stuff, but it doesn't annoy reviewer Dagbladet.  Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK
INFLATED ?: The shock mafia knows its stuff, but that doesn’t tease reviewer Dagbladet. Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK
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The mafia is blowing: “Let it be free”
Text / melody: Jorgen Lund Carlsen, Sigurd Evensen, Stig Espen Handsnes, Benjamin Sefring, Caroline Teigen.

The mafia is blowing is a well-known brass band in Norway and Europe. It consists of Sigurd Evensen (27) from Oslo on trombone, Stig Espen Handsnes (32) from Stord on trumpet and Jorgen Lund Carlsen (27) from Fredrikstad on saxophone.

Name Blåsemafiaen describes an ensemble that allows the horns to stand most of the conversation. Here we have heavy and partially neglected programmed rhythms for a brass band that knows its craft.

But even if the performance moves, the meaning of what moves forward, even the song – the melody – is very ordinary and boring. So much wind and so little air, such stagnation and stagnation. Inflated, I dare say – in danger of getting the mafia around his neck.

Caroline Teigen, with the name of the artist Hazel, sings well, but cannot make gold from gray stone.

TALENTFUL: Wall Talling debuts at the MGP circus.  Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK
TALENTED: Wall Talling debuts at the MGP circus. Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK
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Talling Wall: “Raise”
Text / melody: Bård Mathias Bonsaksen, Hilda Stenmalm, Stina Talling, Eirik Hella, Monika Engeseth

Wall (17) from Bergen started working with videos on Youtube in 2013, and since then he has had a lot to do near the school – with many millions of video plays.

Its the biggest here is well known to most people: “More than good enough”, which she helped write for the Blime campaign.

We are talking here about a young and eventually a little experienced artist. “Elevate” is a beautiful and sensitive ballad, atmospheric and expressive – something that is emphasized both by voice and arrangement throughout the song.

There is one contribution sometimes tends to drown out the sound, and never really comes to the surface or moves. It’s nice, but stagnant and a little boring – despite the fact that the Wall sings well.

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