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So Johaug is still a star among the Norwegian people: "It does not seem to be a fool or cheating

HEIAGJENG: Therese Johaug at the top of the hilltop before the stadium entrance. The people in the stadium took part in Johaug.
HEIAGJENG: Therese Johaug at the top of the hilltop before the stadium entrance. The people in the stadium took part in Johaug. Photo: Olsen, Yes


BEITOSTØLEN (VG) Therese Johaug (30) followed the jubilee in the season, but he is ready for negative responses in Finland next weekend. Johaug's personality, and that she has not appeared as cheating, means she still has a star in Norway, says Kjetil Try.

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Johaug won the season opening in Beitostølen on Friday, two and a half years after the last race and causes feelings in swing among parents, support and the skiing star itself.

"It's been a dream that I should win the first ski race, and I managed to control today and it's great," said Johaug at VG.

Expect another welcome

In a meeting with VG just a few weeks before the start of the season, Johaug said she had not had bad experiences with people after the collapse case was blocked in October two years ago. Now she expects to have other reactions in Finland during the World Cup opening in Kuusamo next weekend.

"I'm very happy to have a different welcome than I have received here. It only gives me shadows and focuses on myself. I know who I have of scope. Then, & # The others get what they feel, feel and want. We are different from all of them, and I must respect that, "said Johaug.

Before starting the season, a popular barometer of the analysis and the consulting company Sponsor Insight, mentioned by TV 2, she is now the third most popular athlete in Norway, more than two and a half years after the previous skiing, behind Aksel Lund Svindal and Johannes Høsflot Klæbo. When it was barred last year, it was fourth in this measurement. In Beitostølen, the sound level of the audience was high when Johaug pushed up the last ground.

Johaug Jørn Ernst's manager had tears in his eyes when the skiing star was interviewed at Beitostølen. He has explained that it was not clear that the situation of Johaug would be good after the matter.

"He had a strong standpoint before this happened. He has benefited from this, says Ernst.

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Some reasons

Top advertising Try Kjetil, at the Advertising Agency, think there are a number of reasons why Johaug has been strong in the Norwegian people during the drugs and until they come back.

– Johaug seems to have been missing or a donor. There is no one who believes. She has been unsuccessful and has made a human mistake, says Try.

He believes that Johaug's personality has also recorded.

– There is no disadvantage to being a girl very similar and thinking sympathetically. Johaug is in a way that a grandmother who has many of the many people's thoughts is great in Norway, says Try.

He believes that the combination and the fact that a few Norwegians think she should cheat, makes a lot think that the case had an unfair result for Johaug.

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And he believes it's a much harder job for Northug to become people again, after the promo was held in spring 2014.

"The people forgive Petter Northug who came in and fell, and everyone was looking forward to returning and winning the skiers. Obviously, it would be much harder to forgive than Johaug, abolished, and # 39; n made a mistake. What Northw was doing a bit more than a loss, said Try.

Nice treat

PR advisor Rune Brynhildsen, who has also represented a number of Norwegian profile athletes, believes Johaug's history before the drug ruling takes place.

"When you do not scratch or scratch the paint in front of you, you can tolerate much more than anyone else," said Brynhildsen.

He has worked great with emergency communication and believes that Johaug's team has managed to do this in the years before the trip back in the track.

"One of the main crimes in crisis management is that it's not a crisis that determines whether one is strengthened or weakened. hi. This means that if the biggest crisis was properly treated, it was a catastrophic turning something positive. They have done that, says Brynhildsen.

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