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The "Bridge" star must play Crown Princess Märtha

READ FOR NEW DRAMASION: Sofia Helin, here in connection with the news that she has to play Crown Princess Märtha in
READ FOR NEW DRAMASION: Sofia Helin, here in touch with the news that she has to play Crown Princess Märtha in "Atlantic Crossing". It will not arrive no earlier than 2021. Photo: Eva Rose / Cinenord / NRK


Sofia Helin (46) will play Crown Princess Märtha in the new NRK "Atlantic Crossing" drama.

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There is a NRK that writes this in a statement to the press.

In the series (Atlantic Crossing, "we are following the flight of the Princess of the Norwegian Crown to the Ty Gwyn). In the series Märtha, a Swedish-born Swiss Helin, is an occasional but central figure in Washington's political scenes , NRK writes in the press release.

– This is an unprecedented story about a woman who has made a difference in the history of the world. Exciting role! So far, there has been no place to influence women in our story about the Second World War. Now this is opening, "said Sofia Helin in the press release.

The Prince of the Norwegian Crown was the Princess of the Märtha Crown between 1929 and 1954. His conquest, the Norwegian Crown, Prince Olav, was secret during the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928. He lived in Washington during the Second World War and died in April 1954 after long-term cancer.

Helin is an award-winning television, film and theater actor. For Norwegian people, she is probably well known for her role as Saga Norén, a criminal investigator at the "Bridge".

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Earlier, she said she was Thank you very much to the role of Norén, because she finds it hard to get in touch with her. But eventually he became convinced.

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Now he works a lot to make his interpretation of Crown Princess Märtha, originally Swedish.

"I am learning Norwegian and have read everything I come from history books from the Second World War and the Norwegian royal families and Sweden. I also try to learn what it is; The difference between the upper class and the "regular home", and has been in the Royal Palae to teach me a royal board and etiquette workshop, "said the Swedish 46-year-old NRK.

Alexander Eik's Director is sure that Helin is the right person to play Märtha:

"It's a great part of Sofia that has to bring, and it will show her a new side as an actor. Throughout the series, we followed the wake up of the Princess of Märtha during the war. ; a woman who was going to go one step behind, but as soon as she and her children fled to the US while the Prince of the Olav Crown was staying in London during the war, the director and captain said the statements in the press release.

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He worked for seven years with scriptwriter Linda May Kallestein to develop a script for the series. They have also found unpublished material in Norway and the US, including its work to support Norway during World War II.

The series, which will consist of eight episodes, will be produced by Cinenord for NRK and will be recorded in December. I'll launch no earlier than 2021.

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