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COVID-19 Francisco Sagasti confirms that “it is a fantasy” to use a candidate for Peruvian vaccines without conducting “clinical trials” of coronavirus VIDEO nndc | EDITION

President Francisco Sagasti confirmed that the COVID-19 vaccine candidate project, developed by Mirko Zimic, head of the Laboratory of Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology and Technological Development at the University of Peru, Caetano Heredia (UPCH), with Farve’s support, received government support during the first two phases. that “it’s a fantasy” to think about using it for the vaccination process that is being carried out on a large scale in the country.

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In press statements from the Ica region, where he managed the supply of materials and medical equipment, the president explained that the study received funding from the National Institutes of Health (INS) to conduct the first two phases, which are laboratory studies. and then on animals, but to date clinical trials requiring complex procedures have not been initiated, as they will need to be conducted in three stages to be tested on humans.

Francisco Sagasti on the Peruvian vaccine
Francisco Sagasti on the Peruvian vaccine

Sagasti explained that conducting a clinical trial of a candidate for the COVID-19 vaccine requires investment and time, so now it is difficult to do in the country.

“Despite the conversation with Mirko Zimic, because the one who discovered and invented these vaccines is the one who cooperates with Mr. [Manolo Fernández, médico veterinario CEO del laboratorio] Farvet. We talked to him, and he explained all the questions to fine-tune this vaccine. Clinical trials should be performed on thousands of people in three stages. It takes time, it takes money, and this type of vaccine that is being produced is a special type for making vaccines, and it is impossible to conduct clinical trials in Peru. “, He said.

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“So they’re researching, and we’ve supported them in seeing how this scientific discovery can be achieved, but also, please don’t exaggerate, to think that a vaccine that has not been made in clinical trials and is widely used is a fantasy. Leaves [Pongámos] standing on the ground, we give our full support to a safe vaccine so that it can be clinically tested and then see how it can be made. “added.

The head of state also clarified that the construction of a plant for the production of vaccines requires very large investments. We will not think that the Peruvian vaccine will appear in a few months or early next year. My conversations with the researcher very clearly showed me the way, and there are no shortcuts. You have to go step by step, but the vaccine has received government support. “, he remarked.

At the end of January this year Manolo Fernandez, CEO of a veterinarian at Farvet’s Chinchi-based laboratory, assured El Comersio that after problems arose at his company, he would not continue the clinical trial phase of the candidate for the intranasal vaccine against COVID-19 he is developing. He reiterated that no one had been vaccinated and that his statements confirming this were a mistake of emotion.



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