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House of Paper 3 in Spain: See the first two chapters before the premiere, if you are in Spain Netflix | Cinemas Spain | TV | Series


"Paper house" will soon release his third season and embark on a new adventure after he avoids 1000 million euros from the National Factory of Currency and the press, the professor gets a call: one of the group's members was captured. The only way to save it, as well as protecting the secrecy of other people's lives, is to unite everyone to commit a new robbery, the most robbery ever thought.

In this new party, the most famous thieves on the planet have decided to postpone their criminal life, but will be forced to return to commit a final robbery as a means to achieve another goal: the release of Rio, the youngest of them, who has caught for the crime they committed.

Before that, everything was for the happiness of the thieves. The professor lives with his novel with Inspector Raquel, who is now a fugitive, while Rio, Tokyo, Denver and Monica do the same until the authorities get on them. Then the group returns to the classes, and soon they return to action, with their red overalls and masks, then, this time with the Bank of Spain, in Madrid, as a goal.

Without a doubt, this third season will be a sea of ​​emotions, and fans are more than worried about the upcoming release, and if you are in Spain and can not wait until the next July 19, then you can enjoy the first two episodes one day before on a big screen and here we Tell you what you need to do.

How to watch the series the day before its release, Netflix?

In Spain there will be a preview of the first two sections "Paper House" 3, Netflix confirmed that it is organizing a special event that will take place on July 18th, the day before the series' premiere. Fans can visit one of eleven cinemas in different Spanish cities to enjoy watching these episodes.

As the streaming platform confirms through a press release, a list of cinemas in which you can see the first two chapters "Paper House" 3 It will be in the following cinemas:
– Autocine El Sur (Alicante)
– Cines Cabo de Palos (Cabo de Palos)
– Plaza de Toros Summer Cinema (Cordoba)
– Getxo Autocinny (Getxo)
– Autocine Gijón (Gijon)
– Summer Conde Duque (Madrid)
– Opening Film Festival Malaga (Malaga)
– Cidade da Cultura de Galicia (Santiago de Compostela)
– Zone of Este (Sevilla)
– Canberra Autocinema (Torrelavega)
– Nits de Cinema a La Nau (Valencia)

If you find yourself in Spain, ticket purchases will be made through cinema websites or at ticket offices, depending on the location. While in Cabo de Palos, Cordoba, Malaga, Santiago de Compostela and Valencia, the entrance will be free until the end of the journey, so you must arrive in advance to earn the desired place.

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