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How to use YouTube Music and YouTube Premium for free? | Subscription | Without advertising | Family plan | Technology

Google, has launched the official launch of its new services in Peru. YouTube music a YouTube premium , has become a streaming music platform and videos of favorite users and so moving to Spotify a Apple Music.

These new platforms have been enabled since last November in Hiroshro, Colombia and Chile. These countries have joined Mexico and Brazil who are already serving YouTube music a YouTube premium That certainly brings the power to make competition and, above all, to consumers who now have more options to choose and enjoy their favorite music.

If you want to use this service and a legal form free of charge, then we will give you some tips on how to use YouTube music a YouTube premium

What is YouTube Music?

YouTube music This is the most striking streaming platform, as it can be enjoyed as we have been doing, but without publicity in some cases getting tired.

In this application, we can access official themes, disks and videos, thousands of broadcasters and a reboot catalog, live performances with every power to customize the platform.

To use it, we need to download your application as it is independent of the app YouTube.

From startup, the application invites you to try the premium service for three months, although you have the possibility to save the version for free but remember it like Spotify, he has advertisements among the songs and the number of players you can create is limited.

How much does YouTube Music cost?

YouTube Music offers three months trial and then the monthly payment is S / 16.90 and the family scheme that can be used by up to 5 people is S / 25.50.

You can get more than 50 million songs without ads, the ability to download themes and lists to listen to offline.

What is a YouTube Premium?

YouTube premium , is a subscription service that offers the content of its users' quality without advertisements and access to a whole catalog of Originals YouTube.

This eradication program will give you the possibility to watch programs and movies Originals YouTube like & # 39; Cobra Kai & # 39; the sequential series of Karate Kid that has managed to overcome the demand for a series such as Pro 3 reasons & # 39; or The Handmaid's Tale & # 39;

The service also includes the possibility of seeing it YouTube conventional without ads and with downloads to see offline content.

How much does the YouTube premium cost?

The service costs S / 20.90 per month and allows you to download videos to view out and play in the background.

The users subscribe to it YouTube premium they also take advantage of all the benefits of YouTube Music.

Value of the Premium Premium family scheme, from S / 31.90. Up to five people can enjoy the service for this value.

How to use YouTube Music and YouTube Premium for free?

With YouTube music You can enjoy more than 50 million songs, albums and most recent pieces of favorite artists.

On the other hand, with YouTube premium You can access unique features such as music without advertisements, background play, audio mode and option to download songs to listen to offline.

We will explain how you can use both these services free and lawfully. Pay attention!

1 You can access the free YouTube Music service, but you will have to tolerate the advertisements.

2 To access the free three months, subscribe to a debit or credit card, but before meeting the closing date, delete your payment form so that no payment will be made.

3 Finally, if any of your family or friends goes to the family plan, you can ask to be added and be one of the five users to use the service YouTube music or YouTube Premium.

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