Monday , July 26 2021

Jorge Muñoz: "Lima does not have money in Lima's Lima" libraries

The elected mayor of Lima, Jorge Muñoz, warned that he had found that after starting the transfer process with the control of Luis Castañeda Lossio, Dinesig Lima was "very chaotic" and "there is no money in the treasury."

"We find things that are not necessarily in order. We found that the house was very angry," said Muñoz in the "Political Agenda" program.

Mayor Dal Miraflores explained that his team members participating in the transfer process "received information on account deficiencies and in contravention." He gave an example as the data that Protransporte and the Attorney General have on the Metropolitan arbitration.

Muñoz said that Lima Lima currently faces 22 confrontations in the case of the Metropolitan, which is causing concern. "Those are very serious because there is a lot of money at stake," he said.

"Lima's civic operandi model, during the past four years, has been to solve the problems with arbitration," he added.

In addition, the news that the Judgment admitted to processing the file filed by Lima Citizenship for more than a billion against the Metropolitan concessioners creates a "storm" before the meeting that comes , next Tuesday 20, parties involved in managing the mass transport system.

In another seconds, Muñoz said he will start dialogue tables to tackle the issue of customs because "things that have not done right".

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