Monday , August 2 2021

Martín Vizcarra on the rubbish at VMT: "The lack of urban authority presence"

The president Martín Vizcarra Comments on the problem of litter picking in the streets of the Aberystwyth area Villa María del Triomphe, and emphasized the responsibility that the municipal authority has in this matter.

"In Villa María del Triomphe there is a problem of the absence of the municipal authority, "said the head of the state after taking part in an activity to produce water to the south and south of Lima.

According to him, fifteen days ago, the Government ordered the Army to leave with machines, including front loads and dump lorries, to collect the waste found in several areas of Villa María of the triumph, designated by the OEFA as the area with more critical points of rubbish accumulation in the capital.

Anyway, Vizcarra He said that the actions that he can administer to achieve "can be palliative and complementary because the responsibility of the garbage is a civic".

In that sense, it is hoped that this problem can be resolved when the new urban authority assumes, in January next year. "With the new mayor we have to make a comprehensive plan to get to this problem"he added.

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